To ring in the new year, Bedrock Origin is bringing back its The Great Beef & Reef Series, which showcases the best of land and sea.  In its first 2023 edition, the chef draws inspiration from the four elements – fire, air, earth and water.  This 6-course dinner tasting menu runs from now till 31 March 2023 at S$168++ per person and wine pairing available at an additional S$88++.  There is also an option of Siberian Caviar (additional S$60++).  We had the S$168++ dinner tasting menu.

Bedrock Origin 01
As with every meal at Bedrock, we were served with complimentary flatbread (served warm!) with a side of confit garlic and creamy New Zealand butter.
Bedrock Origin 02
The first two courses of the night was inspired by the fire element.  First being avocado that is grilled over applewood fire and topped with Avruga caviar, finished with a drizzle of olive oil, finely chopped chives and sea salt.  It is served on top of creme fraiche so you can imagine what a creamy delight this dish is.
Bedrock Origin 03
The next starter is thyme butter king prawn served with nori tempura and prawn mayo.  As you can see, there is a “crust” on the exterior of the prawn, which has a juicy interior.  The prawn mayo also has prawn oil mixed into it, so the seafood flavour is very distinct. 
Bedrock Origin 04
The next course, smoked wild black abalone, is inspired by the air element as a technique of cold smoking is used to imbue the smoky flavours.  The abalone has been braised in abalone liver and cold-smoked with applewood for an hour then thinly sliced.  The accompanying sauce is made with black abalone liver that is braised in sake for 4 hours before removed, then blended with sake again and reduced.  Grated turbot liver is added with a drizzle of basil oil to finish.
Bedrock Origin 05
The mains are inspired by the earth element.  The first main dish is hot cured salmon (my favourite dish of the night).  We were told that the salmon is cured with salt and sugar for 2 to 3 days, rinsed and pan-seared for a crispy skin.  The inside of the salmon remains nicely pink and fork tender.  The sauce consists of sake, butter and dash stock.
Bedrock Origin 06
The next main is the highlight of Bedrock – Charcoal Ash Aged Sanchoku Wagyu Striploin and mushroom bordelaise.  The “earth” element is represented through the ageing technique that uses natural land minerals.  This dish is served with a side of polenta fries that is seasoned with salt and parmesan cheese.
Bedrock Origin 07
A tangy pineapple sorbet that has been inspired by the water element is served to wrap up the meal.  The sorbet is made with pineapple that has been mixed with sugar and spices then fermented for 2 months before the liquid is strained and frozen.  The white jelly cuts through the iciness, with wasanbon glaze (brown sugar syrup) drizzled over for added sweetness.  

We thought that this menu is good value given the portions (particularly for the mains) and the quality of ingredients used.  Bedrock Origin @ Oasia Sentosa is also away from the city’s hustle and bustle – an excellent choice to have a date or intimate meal with friends and family.  

Budget: $168++ per person (additional $88++ for wine pairing)
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