During covid period, I’ve started exploring various products and cook in my free time at home. Huddle at home, craving for a comforting bowl of noodle soup, scooping my favourite Japanese chawanmushi, Italian risotto or even hotpot with my family. These dishes require chicken broth as the base to make it tasty. At this moment, I have yet to master the skill of boiling a pot of chicken broth from scratch. But for now, I will explore the best of chicken collagen soup available in Singapore.

Here’s another fact why I love chicken broth. Bone broth promotes collagen production because it is rich in amino acid. Which means keeping fullness, youthful skin and say bye bye to wrinkles. Also, the cruel fact, we tend to lose more collagen than we produce after age 25. Probably drinking bone broth may boost our skin’s collagen, keeping smooth and firm skin!


We are spoilt with so many chicken broth brands available online and offline. But which brand? I’ve tried ten brands since the start of covid. Each chicken broth has it’s own distinctive taste, texture and colour. Some led to my delight and some to my disappointment. Here are my personal top 5 chicken collagen broth.


I. Kemono Organic Chicken Collagen Soup


  • Using certified organic cage-free chicken.
  • Raised without hormones and antibiotics.
  • Slow boiled for 12 hours with meat, bone and vegetables without MSG and no preservatives.

A comforting bowl of rice noodles cooked with prawns, beancurd, fish balls and assorted vegetables. Light flavour yet imparts a subtle bone taste to the chicken broth. The chicken broth compliments with this dish without changing the original taste. Also noticed that they have it in frozen, chilled and even warm. Happy that I don’t feel thirsty after drinking this.

Kemono Organic Chicken Collagen Soup (1L) at S$28.78 (inclusive of GST) + delivery S$6.90. Also available in bundle of 6 (S$163.60) and bundle of 13 (S$322.80).

Purchase online on Kemono website.


II. Bijin Nabe Collagen Soup

Facts: ‘Jitokko’ chicken’s bones are stewed for over 8 hours.

Needless to mention if you’re a fan of their chicken collagen hotpot available at the shopping mall. Famed for their smooth silky collagen. I’ve enjoyed their chicken broth being richer, creamier and thicker. Best enjoyed with home-cooked risotto. The price (S$24.46) is reasonable however there is a minimum order of S$50 if you purchase online.

Purchase online on Bijin Nabe website.


III. Chu Collagen

Facts: Partnered a food manufacturer with an ISO 22000 certified production facility to commercialise the process.

The taste is more savoury, oiler, more yellowish in colour. There is also a layer of collagen surface on the top. I like to add chicken broth to my chawanmushi recipe. Homecooked chawanmushi is lightly sweet and savoury flavour packed with umami from Chu Collagen.

Premium Chicken Collagen Soup (1L) $28 SGD, delivery fees $10.00.

Purchase online on Chu Collagen website.


IV. Undivided Food Co Organic Chicken Bone Broth


  • Certified Organic Chicken Bones and frames from Inglewood Farms.
  • Free from hormones and antibiotics.
  • Cooked low and slow for 12 hours.
  • Product of Australia.

The hearty bowl of chicken broth that tasted good as it is. It does resembles the taste from the bottled chicken essence. However, it is quite expensive for a packet of 500ml chicken broth at S$16.98. I bought it from Little Farm website and the delivery charge is S$14.98.

Purchase online on Little Farm website.


V. Yuan Collagen


  • Boiled over 10 hours.
  • Uses premium all natural ingredients, without any preservatives, artificial flavourings or MSG.
  • Hormone and anti-biotic free chicken.

Noticed there is a layer of oil surface on top. The chicken soup was light with a distinct bone taste and feels thicker in the mouth. Good for hotpot.

Chicken Collagen Broth (1kg) Frozen pack at S$25 + delivery fee S$10.
Purchase online on Yuan Foods website.


Ps. The facts are extracted from their respective websites.

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