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Soi Thai Soi Nice had recently tapped into the rich tapestry of Bangkok’s Chinatown culinary heritage by introducing representative dishes of Teochew cuisines into its menu.

This latest menu would get hotpot fans excited as it included 2 types of hotpots dishes namely Royal Thai Fish Head Hotpot & Royal Thai Seafood Porridge. Both hotpots are suitable for 2-3 pax and you could try out other Thai-Teochew dishes!

As Singaporeans are pretty familiar with Teochew dishes that are known to be light, simple and clean, these 2 hotpots and porridge are served with either clear tom yam, red tom yam or yam fish soup, all slow-boiled for more than 24 hours in authentic Thai recipes. You could even select your preferred spicy level too!


The Royal Thai Seafood Porridge was served with the red tom yam that day and luckily it wasn’t overly spicy. Loads of seafood include clams, flower crab, tiger prawns, squid, and mussels with Thai Jasmine rice.



If you are seafood lover, Soi Thai Soi Nice served seafood dishes such as their Tofu Crystal Prawn with gravy that compliment well with rice, or their Grilled Whole Squid.


For those who would like non spicy dishes, go for the Braised Pork Knuckle platter that comes with eggs, tau kwa, mushrooms, vegetables and tender slices of pork knuckle! Something you would never expect to find in a normal Thai restaurant.



For desserts, the Blue Treasure is actually the Thai dessert ‘red ruby’ that undergone a colour makeover, dyed naturally with the butterfly pea flowers. Served with a beautiful agar sphere that wobbled easily.

The Thai Sticky Rice with Coconut ice cream’s portion was another dessert that uses the same butterfly pea flower for that bluish hue on its sticky rice. I felt that the portion can be a little overwhelming and sweet while the coconut ice cream was refreshing.

You know where to bring your hotpot loving buddies now?

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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