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Table65, a relatively new fine-casual dining restaurant taking over space previously occupied by Singapore’s one and only three-Michelin star restaurant, Joël Robuchon. Helmed by Dutch chef Richard van Oostenbrugge with one-Michelin-starred Restaurant 212 in Amsterdam and co-owns with his business partner Chef Thomas Groot. Unpretentious, casual where we get to interact with the chefs at the communal chef’s table. Similar to Restaurant 212 in Amsterdam, there is no dress code, no rules at Table65. A perfect place to unwind while savoury an array of good food and wine in this relaxing atmosphere.

If you’re wondering, what does Table65 represents? It is named “65”, representing Singapore’s country code.


A night of unwinding started off with a glass of bespoke cocktail.


Be fascinated with a range of starter dishes!

The cold smoked pompano added of passionfruit ceviche, coconut and combava, dill, and calamansi emulsion. Jiggly, wobbly soft textured tomato-strawberry vinaigrette and creamy tarragon. Last but not least, tomato consommé jelly served with lovage oil and marinated sardines and cured mackerel with quinoa. This set of starters definitely whet our appetite.




This salad hits different texture notes; earthy pistachio, refreshing spring vegetables, crunchy couscous of basmati rice, smooth and creamy Pierre Robert cheese.


A hearty, delicious main dish that I love so much!

“Os a moelle” smoked herring bone, veal tartare with bone marrow, cockles and Beluga caviar.

Having a bone marrow dish is mostly about mouthfeel. Sliced open revealing beaming veal tartare while the layer of melt in the mouth rich veal tartare jelly truly sets Table65 innovation on a classic dish. Finally topped with luxurious Beluga caviar from Iran that’s exclusive to Table65!

It is served with a side of “long” bread and butter. Bearly touch the bread as it’s too hard.



Sense of smell has activated with alluring coffee even before I tucked in.

Mozambique langoustine poached in duck fat, coffee and lemon with Albufeira style dashi.


Dutch red mullet with artichoke Barigoule, jus a Becasse and toast rotie.

The toast rotie that surrounds the skin of this incredibly palatable and delicate meat with a hint of faint pink in the middle.



Toh Thye San duck, mole madre, blueberry aigre-doux and sauce Rouennaise.

Chef showcases the whole duck to our table. Beautifully plated and topped with some shavings. The duck is sourced from Toh Thye San added with spices, mole madre, blueberry aigre-doux and sauce Rouennaise. This piece of meat is free of fat yet remained tender and moist. Simply love the sweet and juicy fermented blueberry burst! It’s tempting to taste just a small piece of duck meat because it’s so delicious. Well, small is the new big.




I would definitely it when the foie gras served is extremely fatty with rich and buttery flavour with a smooth texture. Nicely poached in a light broth of seaweed and umeboshi.


A great way with a new texture of elderflower foam by freezing the outer instantly under cold temperature. Enjoyed the subtle elderflower aroma and sweetness from the wild strawberries. Thou the wild strawberries look a lot smaller than the regular strawberries. But they’re in fact sweeter and not sour at all to me.


Apple made a special appearance with a dramatic light show that caught me off-guarded. I was wondering where did the lights come from? Featuring the most Instagrammable dessert from Table65, Apple. Crystal clear bubble made from sugar and the core is made with green apple sorbet with a touch of salted caramel pits. This “apple” is set on puff pastry and walnut.

Besides the gorgeous plating, delicious food and eye-opening dessert, I’m also very amazed by the huge airspace without compromising the feel of an open kitchen. I have to admit Table65 has perfect ventilation that I don’t smelly after my meal.

S$148 Discovery | S$218 Experiential

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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Budget Per Pax


How to go Table65
Operating Hours

Dinner: 6:30PM – 10:30PM

Address and Contact

26 Sentosa Gateway, Hotel Michael, Level 1 (Opposite Lake of Dreams) #01-104 & 105, 098138

Contact: +65 6577 7939 / +65 6577 6688


Reservation allowed.

Travel and Parking

Parking available at Resorts World Sentosa.

Travel via public transport.

Walk 125 m Resorts World Sentosa.
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