Bochinche is a Argentine restaurant & bar. A warm welcome with vibrant interior paint colors upon entering.  The service crew was quick to notice us with camera and offered to take a picture for us. We were brought to the balcony seats thereafter.


Ice water was served promptly upon sitted.


This is something interesting and I’m not aware of before my visit. Argentina was the first country to adopt fingerprinting as a form of identification.

Harvest Punch

Harvest Punch ( Price – S$10* ): Pisco ( white brandy ), grape juice, orchard syrup and lime juice.

It taste pleasantly sweet with a hint of pisco.

Good news for cocktail lovers! Get your stomach ready for a hearty dinner session by guzzling up with Bochinche’s selected list of cocktails. For $10 from Tuesday to Sunday (5.30-7.30pm)

Provoleta with Almonds and Oregano Honey

Provoleta ( Price – S$17* ): A trademark for an Argentine variant of provolone cheddar. It is depicted as “Argentine pulled-curd Provolone cheddar”.

This is gonna be my top favourite under Bochinche’s hot small plate. Chewy provolone cheddar with honey sweetness and oregano pungent. It taste great with some bread!



Ojo De Bife ( Price – S$55* ): 300 grams Ribeye with Chimichurri (Argentine barbeque sauce).

The authentic Argentinean steak that Argentina is renowned for. Each steak is cut from grass-fed cattles that are bred according to traditional methods. Meats are specially hand-chosen, as signature steak and prepared on Bochinche’s grill. I have ordered a medium rare for my ribeye. Texture of the steak is good. Thick and tender but still retaining slight raw taste on the inside. Wonderful tasting experience with authentic Argentinean Ribeye indeed!

Creamed Spinach

Creamed Spinach ( Price – S$9*)

There are so many sides to go along with my Ribeye steak. After much consideration, I have chosen fibre side. Creamed spinach to balance off my meal. Service is recommendable. Plates were cleared and table was cleaned after each dish was served.

Shopping will be the next best thing to do after a full meal . Not only we are able to dine at Bochinche restaurant and also shopping. There is a gourmet market selling signature Argentine products of over 100 top-notch Argentinean and European produce allowing you to bring home a touch of Argentinean flavor. Service and food are excellence. However audience at balcony at night was pretty bad. My polaroid photo did not turn out well. Its completely pitch dark. All photos are likewise altered to modify brilliance. And I do envy those who are sitted indoor. My suggestion for photographers would be to visit Bochinche during daytime if you’re in group size of 3 and below. Bad news for couples or for group size of 3 and below. There is a high chance that the seats allocated will be by the open kitchen and open bar or balcony. And each booking has a 2-hour seating period.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable

-We paid for our food.

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Budget Per Pax

S$61 - S$90; S$91 and Above

How to go Bochinche
Operating Hours

Tue – Thu & Sun | 5.30 PM – 12:00 AM
(Last order 10.15 PM)

Fri & Sat | 5.30 PM – 1:00 AM
(Last order 10:45 PM)

Sat & Sun: 11.00 AM – 4:30 PM
(Last order 4.00pm)

Bochinche is closed on Mondays

Address and Contact

22 Martin Road #02-01, Singapore 239058

Phone: +65 6235 4990

Fax: +65 6235 7659


Reservation allowed

Travel and Parking

Parking available under basement.

Travel via public transport.

Walk 189 m to the bus stop at YMCA, Orchard Road.

Board Bus 64 at YMCA (08041), Orchard Road. Alight at Blk 2, Havelock Road, 3 stops later.

Walk 362 m to AIG Building.

Walk 140 m to the bus stop at Midpoint Orchard, Orchard Road.

Board Bus 123 at Midpoint Orchard (09038), Orchard Road. Alight at Blk 2, Havelock Road, 4 stops later.

Walk 362 m to AIG Building.

Walk 230 m to the bus stop at Opposite Hong Lim Complex, Upper Cross Street.

Board Bus 51, 186 at Opposite Hong Lim Complex (05131), Upper Cross Street. Alight at Blk 2, Havelock Road, 2 stops later.

Walk 362 m to AIG Building.

Walk 214 m to the bus stop at Boat Quay, South Bridge Road.

Board Bus 51 at Boat Quay (05029), South Bridge Road. Alight at Blk 2, Havelock Road, 3 stops later.

Walk 362 m to AIG Building.

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