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Nowadays, it’s hard to find a Peranakan restaurant in Singapore. Glad that The Blue Ginger has opened its second outlet at the newly renovated Great World CityThe Blue Ginger has been serving Peranakan cuisine for 25 years at Tanjong Pagar. It may not be unfamiliar to some of you as The Blue Ginger is featured in Michelin Bib Gourmand recipient for the past three years. You can expect a classy and modern space while preserving the traditional Peranakan cuisine at The Blue Ginger Great World City.


This starter started with a bang. The bamboo shoots and turnips have soaked up all the juices from the broth. I can taste all the umami flavours from the dried shrimps. Already tasty on its own, it’s even better with shrimp and a touch of tangy homemade cilicuka in pie tee on top.

Kueh Pie Tee at S$8 for four pieces.


Another favourite dish of mine, the Sotong Keluak. The squids are stir-fried in a potent thick black buah keluak (black nut) gravy. The buah keluak gravy is rich and aromatic with tamarind juice, onions and red and green onions that tickle your tastebud. Not the usual buah keluaks that you can easily find in the market as they’re sourced exclusively from Indonesia. I can’t help but to scoop lots of the intense buah keluak gravy to my rice, yummy!

Sotong Keluak at S$22.


If you’re new to Ayam Panggang “Blue Ginger”, it’s a dish with grilled chicken and spices. Fans of turmeric powder will be delighted with this dish. Strong earthy taste of the turmeric scent, with hints of lemongrass, galangal and coriander.

Ayam Panggang “Blue Ginger” at S$16.


A truly appetising, zesty dish offering tangy, sweet flavours of the assam gravy with pork ribs. What? Pork ribs?Pork Ribs Assam is The Blue Ginger’s rendition of the classic Peranakan delicacy, Babi Assam. Instead of using pork belly, they’re using pork ribs. Rest assured that the taste is not compromised. The pork ribs are prepared with hours of braising till all flavours are sealed.

Pork Ribs Assam at S$20.


I would have enjoyed this dish very much if I can handle my heat better. One very generous serving of this homemade fresh chilli paste with drizzle of sweet dark soy sauce layered on top of deep-fried eggplant batonnets. Terong Goreng Cili is definitely a heat dish, not for the faint. However, some of the foodies who can take their heat well, find that they’re not very spicy.

Terong Goreng Cili at S$13.


The Nonya noodles is filled with all the unami goodness of prawn and pork stock. Also, accompanied with bean sprouts, kang kong and finishes off with shredded egg crepe and cucumber julienne. I would have enjoyed more if there’s more wok-hei presence.

Nonya Noodles at S$15.


Rejoice to durian lovers as you get this big scoop of D24 durian puree on your chendol. Pandan-flavoured jelly strips, homemade red bean paste are set on a bed of finely-shaved ice with full-bodied palm sugar syrup. The chendol may be too sweet to taste on it’s own. Because of that, I would recommend that you to mix it well.

The Blue Ginger’s Chendol at S$5.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go The Blue Ginger
Operating Hours

Monday to Friday 11AM–3PM, 6PM–10PM
Saturday & Sunday 11AM–10PM

Address and Contact

1 Kim Seng Promenade, 01-106, Singapore 237994

Phone +65 6235 7042

Travel and Parking

Parking available at Great World City.

Travel via public transport.

Exit B and walk 271 m (about 8 minutes) to the bus stop at After Orchard Boulevard, Paterson Road.

Board bus 5, 16, 175 at After Orchard Boulevard (13199), Paterson Road. Alight at Opposite Great World City, Kim Seng Road, 3 stops later.

Walk 79 m (about 1 minute) to Great World City.

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