Media Event at Chatuchak Singapore

If you have been to Bangkok, Thailand, I’m sure the famous Chatuchak market doesn’t sound unfamiliar to you. Fret not, you need not purchase an air ticket to Bangkok because Chatuchak market is now in Singapore. There are more than four hundred of vendors, with one-third of the vendors hailing from Thailand. Chatuchak market spreads across three months from now until 3 May 2020. The organiser has intention to extend if the response is good. Be sure to come on an empty stomach as you’ll be spoilt with food and drink choices at the Chatuchak Market. Shopaholics will be delighted with authentic Thai stalls carried handmade goods made by Thai artisans.


Phad Thai from Banna Sukhothai (Stall 79) originated from Central-North of Thailand. This Phad Thai recipe has at least 150 years of history and in the 5th gen now.


Tomoko Bangkok (Stall 99) serving healthy vegetarian potato pastry without using any sugar, egg or oil. The hot sellers are sweet potato and taro. I would prefer the taro pastry; the texture is very soft and not too sweet. You might be pleased with Rayang durian pastry too!


Do not walk pass this stall cause it doesn’t come with a visible signboard or poster (stall 84). Very good tender and juicy roasted pork shoulder that you can’t stop at one piece.


King Octopus (Stall 100), as the stall name suggests they’re selling octopus. Enjoyed popping these bite size octopus. They’re not rubbery at all, reasonably tender. Do not underestimate the power of their chilli sauce. Most of the foodies can’t take the spiciness.


Karakara (stall 101) serving Taiwanese fried chicken. Thick slab of juicy chicken with an addictive crunch.


Thammaros bee farm (stall 88) not only sells refreshing butterfly pea, honey lemon, passionfruit drinks and also bottles of honey, boxes of honeycomb where you can bring home to share with your family and friends.


Easy Chatuchak beef noodles (stall 102) serving beef noodles, soup and even pasta. We’ve tried the classic beef bowl that comes with assorted ingredients like beef slices, beef balls. Each piece of beef has soaked up the goodness of the broth and decently tender. However, you might feel thirsty after drinking the soup.


Greenday (stall 15) offers healthy snacks that are made from 100% natural fruits and vegetables from the local farms in Thailand without added preservatives, gluten-free, halal certified and more. They’re crisp dry and delicious, my favourite goes to wasabi lady finger.


It’s hard not to catch your eyes with Bobo cup (stall 98). The bubble tea with kawaii reindeer cap. There are only five flavours to choose from; Premium Hokkaido Milk, Milk Tea, Deep Cacao, Fresh Lemonade and Chocolate Mint. Our pick will be the Premium Milk Tea, a pleasant thirst quencher with a nice fragrance of tea. They also sell bobo buns, decent, but nothing to shout out for.



Special mention to these environmental-friendly pouches and ring holder from Sackitem. They’re 100% made of waste in Thailand. Some of the materials are from unsed brick and sand, packs of plastic granules, rice sack, clear plastic from greenhouse factory etc..


Crowd situation on a Friday evening 5pm at Chatuchak Singapore. I’m sure most of you are concern with the recent Wuhan coronavirus in Singapore. You may be expected to queue to go in as visitors to Chatuchak have to go through temperature screening. Don’t forget to wear a mask if you’re not feeling well.

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