Feeling fatigue from the pandemic and the dine-in restrictions?  You’re not alone.  Open Farm Community is tapping into this yearning for escape and connection to bring Farm Feast to you.  Inspired by the kampong dining, Farm Feast is a new family-style tasting menu that features inventive, communal dishes and uses home-grown produce.  It is presented as a table of sharing plates and can cater to as little as a table for two or a larger crowd (if restrictions allow).

The first snack we had is an OFC signature – Cauliflower Wings (vegan).  Battered cauliflower florets are fried till crisp then sauced in a sweet and sticky tamarind miso and finished off with sesame seeds and green onions.  It does remind us of Korean fried chicken, especially with the marinade, but we were hoping for a slightly lighter batter.
Accompanying the cauliflower wings is the salad featuring locally grown baby radishes and cucumber served with dollops of house cultured cream and sourdough crumbles for added texture. 
Crispy house-made corn tortilla made from organic masa rounds up the trio of snacks and is best enjoyed with a hearty dip of the flavoursome chai poh aioli dip.
The first starter was the Sweet Corn “Ribs”.  House-grown corn from the OFC garden are split, salted then blistered on the grill till charred then rubbed with some fine chilli powder.  It is also served with a mix consisting of green peppercorn, shimichi and olive oil emulsion.
The second starter was Hokkaido Scallops that were perfectly seared sitting atop a creamy Hokkaido corn puree seasoned with ground black lime (a Persian spice made from fermented dried limes that has a tangy flavour).  It is also served with wasabi greens but the wasabi flavour is very subtle you probably won’t notice it.  This was our favourite dish.
For the Mains, you can choose from Eggplant, Short-Ribs or Fish.  We chose the fish and was served a Barramundi fillet that was sauced with smoked mussels cream and some smoked ikura for the additional bursts of umami when you bite into them and peppered with puffed black glutinous rice (for texture).
All mains are served together with a box containing black rice, short grain Japanese rice and a medley of other grains such as barley, sorghum and sunflower seeds.   
3 other sides would also be served – pumpkin puree, green salad in coconut ranch and kimchi made using vegetables off-cuts.
Just before dessert, you will be served with an icy and fruity refresher to cleanse the palate and there is a rotation of flavours – we had honeydew.
To mark the end of the meal, we were served with the Chocolate dessert made using Thai Single Origin Chocolate.  It was somewhat like a brownie with chocolate mousse and crumble or a deconstructed chocolate tart.  Good, solid chocolate dessert. 
Farm Feast is available from 6pm to 9pm daily and priced at $88++ per pax for dinner (requires participation from all at the table), with wine pairing option available as an add-on at $40 per pax.  Open Farm Community has an idyllic setting that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and you will be pleased to know that you are contributing to sustainable eating with their minimal waste policy. 
Budget per person: $88 per person (+$40 for wine pairing)
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