The Baked Mooncakes and Snowskin Mooncakes are very common.

We’ve rounded up the popular variations of mooncakes to welcome the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival on 1 October 2020.

Featuring flavours like Salted Egg Yolk, Durian, Bird’s Nest, Chocolate and Yam, find out which ones are worth a try!

1. Salted Egg Yolk Mooncake


You can’t help but be amazed and impressed with Mandarin Orchard Singapore Mooncakes. The gleaming blue gift box features an elegant floral design with an embellished with a lattice-pattered crest and a customizable leather patch in rose gold. The Mandarin Collection opens up to 4 flavours of the baked mooncakes:

The Mandarin Collection (S$69.16)
• Mixed Nuts and Jamón Ibérico
• Double Yolk and White Lotus Paste
• Macadamia Nuts and Low Sugar White Lotus Paste
• Azuki Red Bean Paste and Pine Nuts

These mooncakes are handcrafted by the hotel’s award-winning culinary team. From the Cantonese classic like the Mixed Nuts and Jamón Ibérico to perennial favourite Double Yolk and White Lotus Paste brimmed with smooth and creamy white lotus paste and lovely slightly runny salted egg yolks. Or Macadamia Nuts and Low Sugar White Lotus Paste for a health-conscious treat to Japanese-inspired Azuki Red Bean Paste and Pine Nuts.

Early Bird Discount available from now until 1 Sept:
Enjoy 30% off selected mooncakes for DBS/POSB cardmembers, 20% off for UOB & Citibank.

How to order?
Mandarin Orchard Singapore
Order online


These baked mooncakes are handcrafted in-house by the chefs and helmed by Dim Sum Chef Cheung Kin Nam. If you feel that mooncakes are too sweet, Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake is recommended for you. The sweet lotus paste filling is not too sweet nor too rich for our tasting. There are also other low sugar baked mooncakes that come with a single or double yolk.

Where to order?
Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Level 4
eShop: singaporeatrium.holidaycom/eshop Mooncakes
Available for order till 29 September 2020, for collection / delivery* from 1 September 2020.

2. White Lotus Mooncake


I can’t help but admiring this oriental mooncake box. It’s definitely one of a kind! The box cover and exquisite pouch filled with fortune cookies are beautifully embroidered to bring prosperity and good fortune. The classic low sugar baked mooncakes are not so sweet, suitable for health-conscious individuals.

Baked Mooncakes are available in a box of 4 pcs, price starting from S$68.
▪️White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk
▪️White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk
▪️Charcoal White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncakes with Macadamia Nuts

Promotion: Enjoy a 15% discount for UOB, Amex HSBC, Citibank, CIMB cardholders from now till 30 Sept 2020. Enjoy a 15% discount when you purchase online using discount code “mooncake2020”.

Where to order?
Si Chuan Dou Hua
Order online


Unlike the typical white lotus paste mooncake, these Signature baked mooncakes combine a medley of crunchy macadamia nuts giving an extra crunch. They are housed in a stunning bright pink tin with peony floral which exhibits gracious.

The Hua Ting Traditional Treasures Gift Box comprises a selection of Signature baked mooncakes:

•       White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts
•       White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk & Macadamia Nuts
•       White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk & Macadamia Nuts
•       Seeds of Harmony (assortment of nuts)

Online promotion: Enjoy 20% off plus additional 5% off for Millennium members. Membership is free!

How to order?
Hua Ting Mooncakes
Order online at

3. Wuren Mooncake


Crafted by Minerva Passions and Nouri Restaurant targets to create four distinctly different flavours packed in environmentally friendly boxes using only sustainable and compostable materials. Featuring all-time favourite “A Little Eggsighted” combines the smooth premium white lotus paste and golden egg yolk. Enjoy the melody of nuts including almonds, walnuts, white sesame, sunflower seeds, melon seeds and pine nuts with “Are you Nuts?”. An “orh lu lu” mooncake filled with black sesame paste blended with Bronte pistachios and candied orange. “The Moonshot” is definitely one-of-a-kind. You might be shocked to taste salted sakura cherry blossoms in ”Love is Everywhere” cushioned with almond lotus paste.

Promotion: Enjoy 15% each box from now till 30 September 2020.

Available in a box of 4 at S$88 nett.

How to order?
Nouri + Minerva Passion Mooncakes
Order online at

4. Yam Mooncake

An indulgence for traditional Madam Leng Handmade Mooncakes only comes once a year. These additive-free and lower sugar mooncakes are filled with either Yam or Purple Sweet Potato enveloped in flaky pastry crust handcrafted by PUTIEN’s very own Madam Leng Ah Eng. We love to sink our teeth into the silky and smooth sweet yam filling. Full of yam fragrance with the aromatic flaky crust. Warning! It’s hard to eat just a small portion. They’re too addictive!!

Purple Sweet Potato 紫薯: S$32 for a box of 2; S$60 for a box of 4
Yam 芋泥: S$32 for a box of 2; S$60 for a box of 4
Purple Sweet Potato w/ Single Yolk 紫薯单黄: S$36 for a box of 2; S$62 for a box of 4
Yam w/ Single Yolk 芋泥单黄: S$36 for a box of 2; S$62 for a box of 4

Promotion (from now to 1 October 2020):
PUTIEN Members enjoy a 10% off.
Public enjoy a 10% off if you’re a OCBC cardholder.

How to order?
PUTIEN mooncakes
Available at all 14 outlets
Order online at


As featured the assorted snow skin mooncakes in Mango Pomelo, Orh Nee (Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nuts), Kueh Salat, Pandan Kaya. Which flavour has caught your eye? I can’t take Orh Nee snow skin mooncake off my eyes. Filled with smooth and creamy tasting yam paste with some crunch of boiled ginkgo nuts.

How to order?
Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Call 6823 5429;
WhatsApp 9336 3529;
Order online

5. Durian Mooncake


Fancy for 100% pure Mao Shan Wang durian puree wrapped in a mochi-alike chewy snow skin. The delicate soft and chewy blue-white marbled skin reflecting the blue-white porcelain wares from ancient times that were seen as extravagance holdings in the Tang Dynasty. Because of its mochi-like texture, my family loves it. Also, there is no added sugar, cream and preservatives added.

Where to buy?
Chng Kae Mao Shan Wang Mooncakes
Order online


Golden Moments, a Singaporean brand since 2017, has introduced a new and improved Golden Moments’ 2020 Durian Snowskin Mooncakes. They are healthier with no added sugar. Durian lovers will be delighted with the Signature Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Mooncake dusted with lavish gold on bamboo charcoal snowskin and Premium D24 Snowskin Mooncake. Have you thought of sinking your teeth into the chocolate and Mao Shan Wang durian? Docello Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Mooncake might give you a surprise. And for non-durian lovers, rest assured you’re looked after with Premium Lychee Martini Snowskin Mooncake.

Assorted Flavour Snowskin Mooncake (Box of 4) at S$108.
▪️1 piece Signature Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Mooncake (best seller)
▪️1 piece Docello Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Mooncake
▪️1 piece Premium D24 Snowskin Mooncake
▪️1 piece Premium Lychee Martini Snowskin Mooncake

Where to buy?
Golden Moments Mooncakes
▪️Order online at (island-wide delivery is available with the option to select multiple delivery addresses)
▪️Pop-up booth at TANGS Orchard Level 4 from 10th September – 1st October 2020 and BHG Bugis Level 1 from 7th September – 1st October


Can’t help popping one mooncake after another? Mao Shan Wang (MSW) lovers will be delighted as Royal Durian has collaborated with Singapore Marriott to bring you one of the best MSW mooncakes! These MSWs are sourced from Pahang Raub’s Old Tree, said to be the world’s best durians producers. In every bite, you can taste the nice bittersweet of 100% pure MSW durian flesh. 1 piece is definitely not enough!

Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncake (8 pcs in a box) at S$118.

Promotion: Enjoy an exclusive 25% off if you order before 15 Sept 2020 at S$88.50.

How to order?
Royal Durian Cafe
Islandwide delivery/ Self collection/ Purchase in-store
Whatsapp +65 82183137


Before you start to savour the mini mao shan wang (MSW) snow skin mooncakes, the box breathes amazing vibrant colours with bird and peony motifs that brighten your day! We love it that each piece is separately packed to preserve its freshness, taste and aroma. The taste is so good that we refused to slice it and ate it at one go. Besides the MSW mooncakes, you can also expect traditional bakes from Old Seng Choong.

Where to buy?
Old Seng Choong mooncakes
Order online at and in-stores from now until 1 October 2020, or while stocks last.

6. Bird’s Nest Mooncake


We can’t decide which snow skin mooncake goes first. Each and every flavour is enticing and tasty. Ladies who love bird nests, can’t miss out the exquisite Bird’s Nest with Custard mooncake. Think of the chunk of bird’s nest core cushioned with velvety custard. Debuting for the first time will be the elegant Litchi with Raspberry and Rose. Indulge into raspberry-rose gelée masked in vanilla-litchi pastry cream. And screaming all out when I spot Mao Shan Wang Durian snow skin mooncake. The Hazelnut Royaltine Chocolate is a crowd favourite among the kids filled with the crunchy Jivara Chocolate Praline Base.

Snow Skin Collection
▪️Bird’s Nest with Custard
▪️Litchi with Raspberry and Rose
▪️Mao Shan Wang Durian
▪️Hazelnut Royaltine Chocolate
Jiang-Nan Chun Medley S$88 (Two of each flavour)

How to order?
Jiang-Nan Chun mooncakes
Call +65 6831 7253
Email or visit Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Mooncake 2020 for online orders.

7. Chocolate Mooncake


Gifting mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival between family members, colleagues and businesses have become an element of Chinese culture. It is one way to keep in touch with your loved ones and also show appreciation to your business associates. As gifts, the presentation of the mooncakes is just as important as the taste. Awfully Chocolate has packaged artisanal mooncakes luxuriously presented in their one-of-a-kind bespoke wooden keepsake chests. Each chest of Classic Baked Mooncakes even comes with four brushed gold tins with engraved wooden lids and individual gold fork-knives. These elegantly designed wooden chests are perfect as an accessory box.

Chocolate lovers will be delighted with pure Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes. Each exquisitely handcrafted chest unveiled eight pieces of mooncakes in four flavours including Chocolate Autumn Berries, Matcha Dark Chocolate, Dark Milk Espresso and Caramel Calamansi Truffle Mooncakes. Enjoy the maximum flavour and enjoyment of mooncakes with cacao flavours. It’s the combination that makes Dark Milk Espresso a winner: espresso, divine dark chocolate and the creamy texture of white chocolate.

Where to buy?
Awfully Chocolate Mooncakes
Order online at or visit Singapore’s largest dedicated online


Daily freshly prepared baked mooncakes by MBS Executive Pastry Chef Antonio Benites featuring classic French pastry making in conjunction with Mid Autumn Festival. Baked Cempedak and Baked Azuki pastries alike mooncakes are made in layered, flaky texture filled with either azuki red beans or cempedak. Another two chocolate coatings are filled with either sweet potato or black sesame. These mooncakes are packed into a simple royal purple box adorned with subtle golden lotus motifs with sustainability in mind.

A box of four mooncakes is priced at S$48
▪️Baked Cempedak Mooncake
▪️Baked Azuki Mooncake
▪️Chocolate-covered Sweet Potato Mooncake
▪️Chocolate-covered Black Sesame Mooncake

Sands Rewards LifeStyle members can enjoy a 20 per cent discount, along with 10 per cent earnings.

Where to buy?
Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes
In-store purchase at Origin + Bloom from now to 1 October.
Visit for more information.

7. Icecream Mooncake


Not your usual traditional mooncakes, these mochi-snowskin ice cream mooncakes feature the sundae glass logo as its trademark in new and signature Swensen’s ice cream. There are four new flavours including Salted Gula Melaka, Kueh Salat, Grapefruit and Lotus Paste. Not forgetting the hot seller flavours such as Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Cookies ‘N’ Cream, Durian King and Yam. The kueh salat mochi-snowskin ice cream is very interesting. Taste of the floral complexity of the Southeast Asian Nyonya kueh where pandan blends with the coconut in a beautiful shade of pandan green. And definitely my first time of tasting lotus paste in ice cream form. So happy that my favourite sticky chewy chocolate is included in this mooncake set!

Swensen’s Cool Rewards Promotions:
▪️From 15 September to 1 October 2020 – 15% discount

Card Exclusive Promotions
▪️From 15 September to 1 October 2020 – 10% discount
Purchases must be made with Diners, Citibank, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC or Standard Chartered Debit & Credit Cards

How to order?
Swensen’s mochi-snow skin Ice Cream Mooncakes
▪️S$39.80 for a set of four
▪️S$10.90 per piece
Available from 22 Swensen’s outlets islandwide (customers may contact
the outlets directly for enquiries), as well as for delivery via Grabfood, Deliveroo and
Foodpanda. Online orders are also available at from 15 August 2020.

9. Fruits Mooncake


Introducing two new snowskin flavours White Lotus Seed Paste with Grand Marnier Praline Mooncake and Green Tea Paste with Jackfruit Praline Mooncake. And not forgetting my all-time favourite Peranakan Durian Snowskin Mooncake encased within a bluish-purple snowskin.

Where to order?
Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Level 4
eShop: singaporeatrium.holidaycom/eshop Mooncakes
Available for order till 29 September 2020, for collection / delivery* from 1 September 2020.

10. Tea Mooncake


In anticipation of the praline centre cushioned with silky lotus paste in a thin layer of soft snow skin. Tea-rrific Snowskins comes in four flavours including Green Apple with Osmanthus-Honey Tea, Lychee with Green Tea, Pu’er Tea with Orange-Yuzu and Osmanthus-Oolong Tea with Pink Grapefruit & Apricot. The lotus paste definitely satisfy your sweet tooth! Also available in classic baked white lotus with single/ double yolk and classic mixed nuts mooncake.

Early-bird promotion: From now to 24 September 2020 enjoy 20% off.

Mixed Collection [Box of 4 baked (1 flavour each) at S$68.80 nett.
Box of 8 mini (2 flavours each snowskin) at S$69.80 nett.
How to order?
Song Garden’s Mooncakes
Call +65 6521 9299
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