A contemporary dining room to desert architecture, with a canvas of sandstone and accents of polished wood that makes dining at The Prince a dazzling experience.

We had Karam Menu ($78 per guest) featuring a nine-dish mezze platter including Arabic breads, soup, choice of a main course, and dessert and Dinner A La Carte (Sweet Potato Shoreek).

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The Prince’s Mezze Platter includes nine small dishes: Cashew Hummus, Pumpkin Baba Ganouj. Salmon Pastirma, Mushroom Pastilla, Potato Croquette, Kalamata Olives, Levantine Pickles, Smoked Date Butter and Fennel Salad. Always enjoy having small plates so that you can try a bit of everything! Special shoutouts to addictive Cashew Hummus, Mushroom Pastila and Kalamata Olives. The lusciously creamy hummus is light and fluffy topped with fresh  parsley, paprika and pul biber oil. Mushroom Pastila is a set of triangles that are crisp on the outside, packed with flavourful fillings like assorted mushrooms seasoned za’tar, a blend of aromatic herbs. Not forgetting the simple Kalamata Olives, marinated in-house with aged white balsamic vinegar. They’re a great match to the Malawah Bread & Pita Bread.
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The Lentil soup is poured tableside into a bowl containing the lobster meat and chilli oil. The savoury soup has a flavour boost from the seafood stock and spices with tender and mildly sweet lobster meat.
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Sweet Vine Peppers comprises vine peppers, halloumi cheese, jackfruit “keema”, with a side of shatta sauce.
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Smoked above charcoal Black Hog Tomahawk bone-in is portioned and topped with chermoula sauce and smoked mango “mandi” sauce is served on the side. Brining locks in juices and injects flavours through the meat such that every mouthful of the pork is well-seasoned, leaves with a hint of smoky charcoal taste.
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Our pick for the night goes to USA Prime Ribeye (300g) that is rubbed with 12 spices and dry-aged in-house for 3 days, resulting in intense beefy flavour.
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Ended the meal with a unique Kunafe dessert. It is filled with Kataifi, pistachio cream, rose syrup topped with roasted pistachios, pomegranate seeds and sumac spice. The pastry was not too thick nor too sweet.
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