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I love Mexican cuisine!  However I have only had them overseas, because little did I know that our little red dot is capable of whipping up such great Mexican food! The chef, chef Jorge is Mexican, so get ready to savour the real flavours of Mexican food. Head down to Lower East Side 45 (LES45) to have the most authentic experience of a Mexican cuisine, right here in Singapore.


It was my first time trying guacamole and I only regret not having them earlier! The chef prepared it for us, with fresh avocados mixing together with tomatoes, onion, parsley and some spices. Lastly, it’s topped with citrus that forms the perfect acidity for a refreshing starter of our 5 course meal at LES 45.


Next, we were served Scallop Aguachile, Avocado & Pickled Jicama. Aguachile is a Mexican dish usually served with shrimp. Instead, we savoured fresh scallops that were cooked to perfection. To me, the seasonings of the dish was the highlight of this dish, it was light and subtle and packs a punch of spice and citrus at times. Mexican flavours are so refreshing, I wished we could have more of this!


We had Brussels Sprouts, Guajillo, Chorizo & Cotija for our second course. Brussels sprouts are notoriously known for its bitter aftertaste but this dish did not even have a hint of bitterness. It was however, overwhelmed with acidity, which went well with the salty and strongly-flavoured Mexican cheese, cotija. This dish was generously topped with cotija cheese so it’s a must-try for cheese lovers. Also, my +1 is not a fan of greens but she enjoyed this dish just as much.


For our third course we had, Chicken Tinga, Mango Guacamole & Wasabi Sunny-Side. Shredded chicken simmered in a spicy chipotle sauce served on a tostada (crisp tortilla) and perfectly cooked sunny side up. Not forgetting the creamy guacamole which balanced the Mexican spice. Everything about this dish was perfect, from the crispy base to the fresh guacamole, I love it! It was easily my favourite dish of the night, with Mexican food fused with Asian flavours.


By then, we were already chock-full from all the food, yet we were not able to resist the fish tacos. We had Tempura Hake, Hibiscus Mayo, Salsa Fresca & Cabbage Taco. Never a fan of tomatoes but I love salsa. I have no idea how but Mexicans do know how to eat their tomatoes right! The fish was thick and flaky and went well with the subtle tomato salsa. All in all, they were good fish tacos!


Lastly, to end of the wonderful dinner we had at LES45, we had LES Churros With Chocolate Hazelnut Cream. The churros were pretty standard and it tasted great with the chocolate hazelnut cream. It taste similarly to a less viscous version of Nutella due to the hazelnut. Hence, you would not be cloyed from the dessert as the chocolate cream had a dropping consistency. Overall, it was a delightful dessert and we had a memorable dinner at LES45, along with dramatic views of Singapore’s skyline.

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How to go LES 45
Operating Hours

Monday to Friday 12–2AM, 5–11PM
Saturday 5–11PM

Address and Contact

50 Raffles Place, Singapore 048623

Contact: +65 6221 9555

Travel and Parking

Parking available Singapore Land Tower Car Park.

Travel via public transport.

Exit B;
Walk 109 m (about 4 minutes) to Singapore Land Tower.
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