Probably the most authentic way of having Israeli cuisine in Singapore!

Miznon, all hailed from Tel Aviv, Israel is well-established across the cities like New York, Melbourne, Paris, and Vienna.

The main person behind Miznon is Chef Eyal Shani, famed restauranteur and also a judge on MasterChef Israel alongside Chef Yotam Ottolenghi. Chef Shani’s believes in the importance of sourcing and treating ingredients to preserve and accentuate the natural flavours from blanching to roasting.

We felt like we have been transported to Israel with Miznon’s laidback, vibrant and warm vibe associated with a buzzing atmosphere and inviting rustic-chic interiors.
After one bite, I was stunned like a cauliflower. How can the cauliflower stem turn so soft that it might even melt in the mouth? As I was sharing with my dining buddies, so soft that our grandmother can also eat with their “fake teeth”. I’ve enjoyed the flowers most with the nice deep charred fragrance.
To date, this is the softest and fluffiest pita that I had in Singapore. These pitas are made by a bakery in Israel using Chef Shani’s recipe before importing to Singapore. The homemade aioli sauce is nice and thick and goes great with pita bread. You may get an extra kick from tomato salsa and green chilli dressing.
My favourite Abu Kebab (S$24) is generously stuffed with lamb and beef meatballs topped with homemade salsa, pickles and finally drizzled with tahini, green chilli dressing, onions and parsley. These meatballs are slightly rare in the middle yet very juicy to taste. While the dressings are a perfect match for the hearty meatballs.

I’m amazed at the flavour from a meatless pita, Ratatouille (S$17). The vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, tomato, carrot and onion stew) are well-executed and contained all the goodness of the greens. Happy that the chilled tahini and a housemade green chilli dressing are not too overwhelming.

If you take chicken livers, this is something that you have been looking for! Indulge in Chicken Liver (S$18) that are well browned and cooked through, leaving a nice smoky flavour.

What I dislike is the Steak & Egg (S$21), it seemed like a piece of over-salted steak. Apparently, salt is featured too heavily in it. The sour cream, onion and Japanese cucumber dressings don’t seem to lower the saltiness on my tongue.
As I thought the beef short ribs can be more tender with The Intimate (S$24). However, I’ve enjoyed the flavours in it! Condiments that you see in this dish are tahini, green chilli dressing, onion and pickles.
Hraime (S$26) makes a great dish for dipping soft and fluffy pita bread. This dish looks sophisticated but still comforting dish with Barramundi fillet braised in a Moroccan-style stew with garlic, paprika, cumin and harissa. Also served with a side of pita, tahini, green chilli dressing and cilantro.

Here’s a sneak preview for food gem readers, Miznon will be launching new dessert creations. And don’t be surprised if you see a Singapore-inspired chilli crab pita in the future!

Average spending per pax: S$20-S$30

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*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.
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