Malaysia Tourism Media Event – Food

Perak is the fourth largest state in Malaysia. Perak is known for its food, culture and tourism attraction. It is convenient to travel to Perak from Singapore. The fastest way is buy a plane ticket from Firefly. It takes only an hour and direct flight from Singapore to Perak. Alternatively, you may also wish to take a bus, train or drive in from Singapore. If you don’t have extra time to travel out of Singapore, no frets! At Agrobazaar Malaysia in Singapore, there is introduction from individual states of Malaysia for their food, culture and tourism almost every month. And this month, we have reached Perak. Now you get to try Perak foods at Agrobazaar Malaysia in Singapore. It is available now till 12 January 2017. And my favourite Perak food is Rendang. Caramelised spicy beef curry and flavoured with seven spices and condiments.

perak malaysia

perak malaysia

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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