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To keep yourself warm this rainy season, Seoul Yummy’s Dak Bokkeum Tang Stew is bound to keep you warm and comforted. The Daebak Bokkeum Tang set comes with a choice of appetiser and dessert.

Juicy chicken chunks, potatoes, carrots and onions braised in a spicy Korean soup base, it packed an intense spice level which is not for the faint-hearted. Spicy and sweet, the broth is delicious yet addictively tormenting as I struggled with the spice heating up in my mouth. As much as it is unhealthy, I can’t get enough of the Korean ramyeon soaked in the spicy stew.

Dak Bokkeum Tang Set at S$49.80.

Available in 3 spice levels, Seoul Yummy is putting out a challenge to all spicy lovers to conquer its Dak Bokkeum Tang Stew. Those who are brave to try will get 30% off Daebak Bokkeum Tang set if they can finish Level 3 stew.


Love Me Love Me (Tea with mango, strawberry, kiwi and blueberry).

For those who cannot take the heat as time prolongs, don’t worry as you can choose to add chicken broth to lessen the spiciness. Plus, they are having 1-for-1 on beverages and cocktails with the purchase of the Dak Bokkeum Tang set.


Fried Prawns.


Stylo Spam.

Sadly, the bingsu machine was not working on the day we tried the food so we got to choose 2 appetisers instead. The fried tempura prawns were standard, there was not much surprise but we really like the Stylo Spam which came with a nacho cheese dip. It has a nice crispy outer layer, with a soft and juicy inside. The nacho cheese just made these delightful cubes even better.

Current promotions:

  • 30% OFF Daebak Bokkeum Tang set upon finishing the Level 3 stew
  • 20% OFF Daebak Bokkeum Tang set upon finishing the Level 2 stew
  • 10% OFF Daebak Bokkeum Tang set upon finishing the Level 1 stew
  • 1-for-1 on beverages and mocktails with the purchase of the Dak Bokkeum Tang set

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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This article is written by Yi Xuan.

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Seoul Yummy Dak Bokkeum Tang

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