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In a Korean Restaurant in Singapore, do you look out for Korean chefs and service staffs? Yes I do. And it’s feels real, communicating with the Koreans. I miss Korea so much, the cold weather, food, mid-night shopping and tons of beauty products. And trying hard to communicate with my broken and limited Korean language.

Here at One Two Kitchen Korean BBQ Restaurant, language barrier is minimised and English menu is available. No worries, they can speak English. One Two Kitchen Korean BBQ Restaurant started Korean BBQ Izakaya style dining bar 2 years ago. Not only serving Korean BBQ (Chicken, Beef, Pork) and also Korean foods such as yangnyeom chicken, seafood pancake, kimchi soup etc… Now, with more varieties on BBQ chicken in the new menu. With the famous Korean hungry chef on board One Two Kitchen Korean BBQ Restaurant, you can expect to eat many authentic Korean home made dishes. One of the best experiences is using charcoal to grill the fresh meats and not frozen meat. So sit back and relax while the friendly Korean staffs grill these meats for you!

One Two Kitchen

These charcoals are pre-heated at the kitchen before they are placed in the BBQ grill pit. It might get heaty and steamy. However it is minimized after the Korean bbq stone plate stove and smoke extraction system are activated.

One Two Kitchen

According to Korean style, soju is a must before the meal. I have chosen Jamong soju. It’s like a fruit soju with a natural hint of grapefruit, very appetising.

Jamong Soju at S$18*.

One Two Kitchen

Bulgogi in Korea refers to beef. However bulgogi may refers to chicken or pork in Singapore. In a Korean BBQ restaurant, the meats are first marinated then traditionally grilled. Often adding some garlic, sliced onions and chopped green peppers to be grilled with the meat. They are wrapped with a slice of lettuce alongside with other side dishes, and then eaten together. The Koreans have recommended to eat bbq beef with onion side dish and bbq chicken with white pickled radish side dish for the authentic Korean BBQ experience. Are you eating the Korean style? I have also attached the step guide on how to enjoy Korean BBQ in the next few photos.

Only fresh ingredients are used at One Two Kitchen. These meats are fresh from the market and not frozen meats. These meats are extremely tender and well-marinated with their secret recipe sauces.

BBQ boneless prime rib at S$38*.

BBQ chicken at S$18*.

One Two Kitchen

There are not 1, 2, 3 but 8 side dishes to accompany with your meal. These are homemade with love from the Korean hungry chef, preserving the Korean style. And these Korean side dishes will change daily. Besides my all-time favourite kimchi, you definitely must try their potato salad. It’s made from savoury sweet potatoes and is very addictive! Psss… I had 2 bowls of potato salad :p In case you are wondering what’s the bowl of chopped apple in milky liquid, its actually Korean fruit punch. Served as an appetiser.

One Two Kitchen

one two kitchen

Love for the iconic budae jigae. Kimchi cooked with sausages, luncheon meat, fresh sliced pork belly and extra tofu makes it extra delicious. Non-spicy foodies will be delighted as the stew tends to be slightly sweet with hint of chilli.

Army Sausage Stew at S$38*.

one two kitchen

one two kitchen

Things are going to get REALLY hot with cheese spicy chicken. We’re not talking about a face-melting but devil level of spiciness that leaves your lips numb. The cheese lava isn’t too thick and it doesn’t smother the flavour of the marinated chicken. Perfect for those who aren’t fans of strong cheese. Let the cheese flow and indulge these spicy chicken with cheese lava.

Cheese Spicy Chicken Stew at S$36*.

one two kitchen

Most steamed eggs are rather plain tasting but not in One Two Kitchen. Fluffy and soft Korean steam egg in a delicate sweet broth with bits of veggies. It is very addictive, 1 spoon is definitely not enough!

Steam egg at S$8*.

One Two Kitchen

The original, soya sesame or the sweet & spicy fried chicken wing and drums? No worries as there is combo chicken with all the flavours. The original is more crispy whereas soya sesame and sweet & spicy fried chicken are more flavourful. For non-spicy foodies, you will enjoy sweet & spicy fried chicken as it is more towards sweet and the spiciness is very minimum. The marination is very homely and authentic. Just like where you buy from the street in Korea.

Combo fried chicken wings S$23*.

One Two Kitchen

Bulgogi(Beef) tofu stew with plenty of vegetables such as beansprouts, enoki, cucumber and sliced button mushrooms. The assorted vegetables adds this amazing rich flavor to the soup making this the quintessential spicy bulgogi stew. However you might not like this if you’re not a veggie lover.

Bulgogi tofu stew at S$36*.

One Two Kitchen

Another must try dish that I would recommend is seafood pancake. Authentic haemul pajeon using Korean flour that is chewy and soft. Tasty ingredients such as squid and prawns and plenty of chives and chilli made the best of haemul pajeon.

Seafood pancake S$23*.

One Two Kitchen

I bet some of you who are reading are worried of getting smelly after Korean BBQ. Not to worry, the ventilation at One Two Kitchen Korean BBQ Restaurant is pretty good. There is exhaust suction pipe that descend from the ceiling on every table. Not only efficient in sucking all the BBQ fumes and smell and also the feel as though you were in Korea!

One Two Kitchen

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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Last updated on 2 June 2017, change of address.

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