Do you have anything planned for this long weekend? Go out to eat; go out (to a bar or club); catch a movie; binge watch KOREAN drama shows; chill out at home or sleep? If you’re planning out to eat, don’t miss korean food at Han Pan Korean Restaurant. These specialities are crafted by Korean chefs! What you can expect from Han Pan Korean Restaurant: Korean BBQ, Kimchi Pancake, Bean Paste Seafood Stew, Spicy Seafood Tofu Stew, Butter Squid, King Egg Roll and more.

Another foodie who have shared her personal experience at Han Pan Korean Restaurant. She likes the tofu soup and seafood pancakes and hotplate. The ginseng chicken, as it always sold out. I’ll probably try the ginseng chicken on my next time.

Han Pan Korean Restaurant

Savour hearty Korean BBQ with quality meats (eg. Pork Belly, Pork Collar, Pork Jowl). The Signature Pork Belly is thickly sliced, you can enjoy the fats that melts in the mouth if it is grilled to perfection. For a healthier choice, you may opt for a leaner Pork Collar that is less greasy cut, which has a soft texture. Last but not the least, my top choice would be Pork Jowl. It is a lean cut but extremely tender. Eat like a Korean! Wrap the meat, along with some fresh lettuce, kimchi and beansprouts.

Pork Belly at S$22; Pork Collar at S$24; Pork Jowl at S$25.

Han Pan Korean Restaurant

Have you spotted your favourite dish? My favourite dish would be the Signature Seafood and Bean Paste Broth. Layering flavours with clams, squid, vegetables to create a rich and fragrant seafood and bean paste broth that makes you crave for more. Not forgetting the King Egg Roll freshly made by the Korean Chef at your table! It’s moist, colourful and appetizing to our eyes. Another dish that kept us roaring would be the Crunchy Boneless Chicken. These deep fried chicken are in convenient bite size in handmade sweet and spicy sauce.

Bean Paste Seafood Stew at S$15; Kimchi Pancake at S$20; Seafood Pancake at S$20; Crunchy Boneless Chicken at S$18; King Egg Roll at S$15/ S$30.

Han Pan Korean Restaurant


Han Pan Korean Restaurant

Watch as the Korean Chef as he/she starts to oil the grilling pan with butter. Creamy Butter Squid with the smoky char is on your way. It is delicious on first few bites. However you might feel a bit jelat, it would be good if a pinch of lemon juice is added.

Butter Squid at S$16.

Dining experience was good, especially with the quality food as well as the live cooking at your table. While waiting for your food, you may spot several Song Joong-ki posters on the wall. Feel free to selfie with your oppa! The minus point, there is no exhaust pipe at the restaurant. You might leave the restaurant smelling like walking bbq meat.

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How to go Han Pan Korean Restaurant
Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday: 11.15AM–2.30PM, 6PM–11PM

Friday & Saturday: 11.15AM–2.30PM, 6PM–1AM

Sunday: CLOSED

Address and Contact

22 Lor Telok, Singapore 049034

Contact: +65 3161 3000

Reservation allowed.

Travel and Parking

Parallel Parking available.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 333 m (about 8 minutes) to Boat Quay Conservation Area.
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