Media Tasting at Wagyu Express

Wagyu Express is a fuss-free Wagyu dining concept proudly brought to you by Aburiya, conveniently located along Tanjong Pagar. The location proved to be quite accessible to the office crowd who would love to have their meat cravings fixed after a long day at work.


Starting off with the simple house made carrot salad which had large strips of crunchy carrots which could be a refreshing mid-meal munchie from all the meat.


Another starter which is the Kimchi Mori consists of housemade kimchi cucumber, radish, and cabbage. The latter had a boost of bonito in its kimchi seasoning for that extra flavor.


For those who are perhaps more adventurous, try having Aburiya’s Wagyu Negishio Yukke. This dish  features a mount of Wagyu Tartare, neatly diced and topped with freshly-chopped Japanese leek for a nice texture contrast.


Having the privilege to experience a comparison between a Wagyu loin and Austraian beef loin, each of us could clearly differentiate the fine difference in terms of both their taste and texture.


Our first meat platter shown above was Wagyu Usuyaki Mori of 180g, which consists of the following cuts:

– Top Round

– Shoulder

– Brisket

The brisket was the toughest as compared to the other cuts. The recommended time to grill each slice would be around 10-15 second on each side before adding the sliced onion in the centre and rolling it up. Your choice whether you would like dipping into the Ponzu sauce or eating it plain like me.



The other cuts served were Wagyu Jo Karubi, 150g which was served with a housemade garlic butter sauce. The recommended way to have it would be cutting the steak while it is still on the grill, before dipping in the melted garlic butter sauce.

This specific cut was topped with Ocean Salt from Okinawa to bring out the umami sweetness of the fatty wagyu. 

Besides the beef cuts, there is also Hokkaido Buta Sirloin, a pork of a cross between four different breeds of pig (Landrace X Large Yorkshire X Duroc X Berkshire). The sirloin slices were marinated in miso sauce.


Last but not least was a rather interesting dish of reimen that uses a chewy kind of noodles in cold tangy broth. Each mouthful was quite appetizing and having ice cubes in soup was quite an eye opener. Served with kimchi, pork char siew, egg and slice cucumbers. 

Besides the heat that constantly emits from the charcoal grill, it was a great place to chill and chat while enjoying different cuts of meat with a couple of other sides!

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go Wagyu Express
Operating Hours

Monday to Saturday 5:30PM – 11:30PM

Sunday & Public Holiday 5:30PM – 10:30PM

Address and Contact

108 Tg Pagar Rd #01-01 Singapore 088526

Contact: +65 62260854

Reservation allowed.

Travel and Parking

Nearby Parking available.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 286 m (about 6 minutes) to Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area.
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