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Uni Gallery by OosterBay serves sea urchins (uni) from across different continents including Japan, Los Angeles’s Santa Barbara and British Columbia in Canada. Now, I no longer have to fly to different countries to satisfy my uni cravings. The uni comes in different sizes, taste profiles and prices for what I need. Air-flown 4 times a week making sure that the uni is as fresh and flavourful as it is.


Some of them called 10 secs of umami but I call it the very shiok Uni Oyster Shot. Especially if you’re a fan of uni, ikura and oyster like I do! The uni was plump and sweet topped with delicate popping ikura and slurping good fat and juicy oyster.

Uni Oyster Shot at S$25 each.


Featuring the special dish not on the menu as the variety of uni depends on the season and shipment. To have so many good possible choices that it is difficult to make a decision. With 5 different types of uni ( from the lighter Canadian Aka Uni to Shiso Uni to Ensui Uni to Bafun Uni to the intense Uni Shutou) from 3 different countries (Japan, Canada, California) to choose from. Uni lovers are spoiled for choice. It’s recommended if you wish to try the various uni taste profiles.

  • Canadian Aka Uni (Larger in size and brighter in color with sweet and briny ocean taste profile)
  • Shiro Uni (Paler in color and taste profile is more creamy and very light ocean taste)
  • Ensui Uni (Uni packaged in seawater to keep the original nature of the sea urchin where uni is harvested)
  • Bafun Uni (Bafun stands for horse dung in Japanese as the sea urchin look similar to horse dung. Smaller in size but very sweet and creamy)
  • Uni Shutou (Marinated Uni and very intense taste profile)

Uni Sampler Set (3 types at S$74; 4 types at S$85; 5 types at S$98).


Bafun uni produced a sensation of savoury sweet on the palate with a tint of soya sauce while retaining a bright and sweet aspect of Imayo Tsukasa Junmai Sake.

Uni Sake Shot at S$18 each.


Atop a small batch of sushi rice, the two types of premium uni appear as a soft, delicate pat of butter.

2 Type Premium Uni Chirashi.


The beautiful thing about Le Tetsuya in a glass seems to create one-of-a-kind works of art. The shredded Hokkaido crabmeat with Beluga Sturgeon Caviar doesn’t overpower bafun uni natural sweetness. They compliment each other, and its the simple perfection that is addictive.

Le Tetsuya at S$48.


It’s nothing more than pipping hot pasta, generously tossed with savoury mentaiko and a helping of plump and sweet Canadian Aka Uni. Each spaghetti strand was coated brightly in mentaiko sauce in elevating the overall dimensions of flavours on this plate.

Uni Mentaiko Pasta at S$38.


If you enjoy uni, combine your love for uni with the range of premium raw fish. Features seven different types of air-flown sashimi [Aji (Horse Mackerel), Chutoro (Tuna), Kanpachi (Yellowtail Fish), Hotate (Scallop) and Salmon] which includes one uni sashimi. The slices of sashimi are presented arranged atop of a bed of crushed ice. So was the shredded cucumber, mounds of wasabi and slices of lemon.

Prices range from S$38 for 1pax, S$74 for 2pax, S$110 for 3pax and S$142 for 4pax.

Think about uni and sashimi, I’ll definitely be back for the seasonal uni at Uni Gallery by OosterBay.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go Uni Gallery by Oosterbay
Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday

Lunch: 11:30AM–2.30PM
Dinner: 6PM–10PM

Address and Contact

7500A Beach Road, The Plaza, #B1-310, 199591

Contact: +65 9838 8209

Travel and Parking

Parking available at The Plaza.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 357 m (about 10 minutes) to The Plaza.
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