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As the restaurant name suggests, hitsuji means lamb in Japanese. The restaurant boasts of their selection of lamb quality. You may have it in sashimi or BBQ. I think both are equally good. The amount of cholesterol in lamb is low about 50mg per 100g of meat. It’s definitely healthy as compared to mookata. Does it mean that I can indulge more?

Simply chill with your friends while the friendly crew starts to coat the pan with lamb oil and barbecued the meat to perfection. Grain fed lamb meat grilled to tender, juicy, and well marbled with flavourful fat. And don’t forget to dip into the homemade sauce. It seems to work well with both meat and vegetables. You can also try the fresh lamb sashimi and mala tofu made from mashed strawberry.



Feeling adventurous and having lamb sashimi for the first time! It wasn’t as squeamish as I thought so. There wasn’t any gamey lamb smell or taste but full of pungent and sharp onion. The tender lamb sashimi was fresh and laid over a bed of raw onion. Indulge into fresh lamb meats as The Hitsuji Club imports its lamb from Australia 4x weekly and assorted vegetables from Japan.


Not the usual spicy and numbing Chinese-style mapo tofu. The Japanese mapo tofu from The Hitsuji Club used fresh mashed strawberries into the sauce. It is not spicy but has a very numbing effect, leaving numbing lips.
The Hitsuji Club is well-known among Japanese and about 60% diners are Japanese. Well worth a visit if you’re a lamb lover! You may leave the restaurant with smoky bbq smell. There is no BBQ exhaust pipe at the table.
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How to go The Hitsuji Club
Operating Hours

Monday 6–11PM
Tuesday to Friday 12–2PM, 6–11PM
Saturday to Sunday 6–11PM

Address and Contact

65 Circular Rd, Singapore 049419

Contact: +65 6221 3789

Travel and Parking

Limited Parallel Parking available.

Travel via public transport.

Exit G;
Walk 378 m (about 12 minutes) to Boat Quay Conservation Area.
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The Hitsuji Club

The Hitsuji Club

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            • Fresh lamb meat
            • BBQ meat by service crew


            • No BBQ exhaust pipe