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Teppan Kappou Kenji, a modern take on traditional Japanese cuisine and sits in the heart of Tanjong Pagar. Be part of the dining experience as the chef prepares your dishes right before your eyes or in a private dining room that is fit for 14 pax. Chef Kenji Okumura, all hailed from Ichinomiya, started his passion for Japanese food at the age of 19 and mastered his skills at Kaiseki dining under the master chef at Nadaman Japanese Restaurant in Nagoya Tokyu Hotel. Chef Okumura is now currently at Teppan Kappou Kenji. He believes in using fresh and finest seasonable ingredients in the dishes which he personally sourced from his regular trips to Japan. With a rich selection of oysters from Iseshima, Ise Ebi and Akamoku seaweed from the Mie prefecture, Unagi from Shimanto and other fresh produce which are imported directly from Japan under the Omakase menu. One of his specialities is teppanyaki dishes, we can’t wait to try them!


Here are some of the omakase dishes that we’ve enjoyed. The omakase prices are affordable; lunch starting from S$50 and Dinner Course starting from S$60.

This delightful healthy appetizer has whetted our appetites with a range of ingredients of different textures including kuruma ebi, hotaru ika, ikura, seasonal white asparagus and green asparagus with wasabi dressing and dried hoba leaf oil.


The seasonal sashimi platter is plated with few verdant green maple leaves and a custom-made ceramic golden serving bird to suggest the season! What’s hidden beneath the golden bird was Spanish mackerel and Japanese snapper.  The sashimi platter is served with shima aji (striped jack), kampachi (yellowtail), otoro (fatty tuna) and uni (sea urchin) wrapped in tai (seabream). Sashimi was  fresh and retained all its natural flavours perfectly.


This beautifully plated seasonal platter inspired from the Hassun, the art where skills and techniques are integrated into the preparation of such meals. There are a total of nine miniature dishes and each course was a surprise visually and in taste.

1️⃣Tempura made from seasonal spring Japanese mountain vegetables
2️⃣Flounder, topped with Shio Kombu, wasabi leaf in a light shoyu-based sauce
3️⃣ Bamboo shoots, urui, Shin Wakame and Ikura, served in a refreshing jelly made in-house from dashi broth
4️⃣ Seasoned octopus with a variety of seasonal Japanese mountain vegetables
5️⃣ Baby conger eel on hoba leaf, served in wine ponzu and chilli radish
6️⃣ Housemade Sesame Tofu, topped with caviar and Kizami Wasabi
7️⃣ Grilled Barracuda
8️⃣ Slow-cooked Tako
9️⃣ Kegani, Na No Hana with Karusami

Indulge in juicy and tender Miyazaki A5 Wagyu tenderloin with a hint of pink in the middle cooked on the teppanyaki. Served with crunchy Kuruma Ebi on zucchini, juicy mushrooms. No sauce required for me! If you would like more, there are miso and ponzu sauces. I also like their crisp garlic chips!


Besides the Signature omakase, Teppan Kappou Kenji also features A La Carte Menu with an array of interesting dishes at affordable prices. If salad is too mainstream for you, you’ll be surprised with this salad combination in Akamoku seaweed dressing with a sneaky surprise. The Akamoku seaweed dressing may look watery in the jar but it’s actually soft, viscous with a sticky texture. It’s light and gluey in the assorted Japanese vegetables and seasonal fruits like natto and grated Japanese mountain yam with horseradish.

Healthy Salad with Japanese dressing at S$15.


The light flavoured housemade fishbone broth alongside with pork shabu shabu slices released an aromatic fragrance that brings comfort to the heart.

Pork Shabu Shabu Oroshi HotPot at S$22.


One of my favourite dishes of the night, the stewed wagyu hamburg. The wagyu patty was very tenderly tasty with strong flavours and cooked in a stew of housemade tomato-based with assorted vegetables like okra and pumpkin. Break open the onsen egg and wait no more to tuck in!

Stewed Wagyu Hamburg at S$15.


The teppan-style oysters were huge, fresh and each piece was exquisitely styled.

Japanese Oyster from Mie Prefecture at S$22 per 3 pieces.


The large lobster meat is prepared perfectly al dente topped with creamy uni. We can’t stop at one piece!

Japanese Lobster from Mie Prefecture at S$35.


If you can’t get enough of uni, here’s seasonal kamameshi claypot with assorted seasonal seafood including selected parts of golden snapper, Spanish mackerel, as well as flounder, Tai (red sea bream), salmon, bamboo shoots and mushrooms. The extra moist and soft Japanese rice is slow-cooked in Chef Kenji’s fish bone broth, not too oily nor salty. However, this claypot rice does not come with a layer of burnt rice.

Seasonal Kamameshi at S$28.


The smoky goodness of Teppanyaki scallops was satisfying that I tasted the natural flavours and the sweetness of the meat came bursting out with every bite.

Teppan Hokkaido Hotate with Sea Urchin at S$20 per 3 pieces.


At the end of our meal, we were served with some seasonal Japanese fruits including musk melon from Shizuoka, strawberries and orange. The orange is exceptional sweet on our visit.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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Lunch 11:30AM – 2:30PM (Last order at 2PM)
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Contact: +65 9152 3118


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URA Car Park available.

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Walk 233 m (about 8 minutes) to Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area.
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