If you are constantly making trips to Sushi Tei for casual Japanese food with family friends, it might get a little boring at times.  However, their seasonal menu aims to offer something different to their customers and this Spring, Sushi Tei unveils their “blossoms of joy” spring menu with slightly more indulgent offerings.

We began our meal with the Truffle Foie Gras Chawanmushi (S$12.80).  Within the warm wobbly egg custard you will find the usual suspects – chicken, gingko nut and crabstick.  This dish is then topped with pan-fried foie gras and drizzled with truffle oil – leaving a trailing aroma.  Try this if you are looking to “treat yourself” as they are fairly general with the ingredients and serving.
When I dine out with friends and family, I love to get different side dishes to share and this Kaisen Blossom Roll (S$14.80) is a good sharing dish as it consists of fried salmon and salmon skin roll, topped with assorted seafood, caviar and cod roe mayonnaise.  When you sink your teeth into this morsel you get different layers of flavours and the fried salmon added a nice crunch to it.
The Sashimi Moriawase “Goto” 4 kinds (S$29.80) feature camellia buri (i.e. amberjack, a farm-raised fish from Kamigoto, Nagasaki), salmon, sweet shrimp and swordfish.
What we found better value, taste and presentation-wise was the Bara Chirashi Tower (S$15.80).  Those wanting to try the camellia buri will be pleased to know that it is hidden within this tower and assortment of sashimi too.  This dish is one for the Instagram, as it is stacked with avocado, sweet shrimp and vinegared sushi rice.  A slightly spicy and tangy mayo-brown sauce is also drizzled over to add additional flavours and dimensions whilst you tear the tower apart. 
Another highlight from this menu would be the Satsuma Wagyu Steak Foie Gras (S$33.80).  The satsuma wagyu is produced by one of the largest black cattle breeding farms in Japan (Mizusako Farm) and the cattle are fed with roasted soybeans which is supposed to give the meat added tenderness.  Take a slice of beef and foie gras each, add a dab of the accompanying truffle steak sauce and eat it in at once for an indulgent bite.
The last main that we tried was the White Curry Omurice (S$15.80).  Creamy omelette draped over tomato fried rice and set in a pool of Hokkaido-style white curry.  Chunks of carrots and chicken are added and slices of fried kagoshima pork belly are added for extra heartiness.  We found this dish a little too sweet, but surmised that this is likely to be a hit with kids for the sweet-savoury combination – perhaps some greens can be included for added nutrition!
We finished off our meal with the Edamame Cream Puff (S$7.80), which we were told was flown directly from Japan.  These airy puffs are filled with cream that are infused with edamame beans (although we found the taste to be very subtle) – a decent sweet treat to round things up. 
These dishes above are seasonal and will be available at all Sushi Tei outlets until June.
Budget: S$15 – S$30 per person
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