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Fly into the heart of Kampong Glam with Sushi Airways and you’re in for a unique gastronomic adventure. 

Having tried the Premium Omakase dinner menu, we are happy to have found a new gem in amidst the hustle and bustle of the Arab Street/Haji Lane area. The aircraft experience is also heightened as you dine whilst looking out of the windows of the quiet, air-conditioned second-storey restaurant.


We started off with the Hokkaido White Corn. Served raw, the white corn had a more subtle corn taste compared to the usual yellow corn that we are used to. It reminded us of water chestnut – fresh and refreshing.


Shortly after, the chef appeared with Uni Karatsuki and the fresh produce spoke for itself.  This uni was only a prelude to the other interesting creations incorporating uni as one of their ingredients that the chef has in store for us.


The trio of seasonal appetisers served were a delight to our senses (both sight and taste).  Uni was served atop a bed of mountain yam and toro cubes (far left) – interesting mix of flavours and textures. The ikura added some briny notes to the hotate, which was also very fresh. A surprise to this was the seasonal crispy crabs (sawagani) pictured – they are crispy and retain a hint of saltiness from the seawater, a perfect snack to whet our appetites.


The next dish was three kinds of tuna – akami, chutoro and otoro. We recommend eating it in that order for a real celebration in your mouth. The chutoro and otoro pretty much melted in our mouths – oh those tender fatty bits!


The star of the night was this lobster with uni sauce grilled over a charcoal fire . Although this is a seasonal dish, we spoke to owner Arul and he mentioned that they try to have a constant supply of lobsters so that their customers can enjoy this. After we had a bite of this, it is no wonder this dish is in high demand. The lobster was grilled to juicy perfection and coated in uni sauce that we could not help letting out remarks of “so good” and “wow” whilst attempting to extract the lobster meat in a refined manner. In fact, we were making plans to return just for this dish!


The steamed vegetables might look unimpressive, but once again, the sweetness of the fresh Japanese produce shone through and this simple dish was a good complement to the rich lobster we just devoured.


The next dish – Amadai with Uni Truffle Sauce was another stunner. We appreciated this dish even more after understanding from the chef how this dish was prepared. First, the fish was washed with 60 degree water before using the heat from the steam to cook the fish and skillful techniques are required to pan-fry the fish such that the skin is crispy yet the flesh retains its tenderness. The sauce elevated the fish, with the right amount of umami.


Our main for the night was this well-marbled A5 Wagyu Beef – definitely top-quality stuff here.


The last savoury dish served was this bowl of Negitoro Ikura Uni Rice with fold edible flakes. It was simply divine – could not think of a better way to end the meal.


To finish, we were presented with these melons. It is typical to end with seasonal fruits for Japanese omakase and these melons were very sweet. 

After our wonderful dinner experience, it is no wonder why this cozy space had a steady stream of customers and regulars patronising it. The high quality of food and creative dishes would compel your return. 

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How to go Sushi Airways
Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday 11:45AM–2:30PM, 5:45–9:45PM
Friday to Saturday 11:45AM–2:30PM, 5:45–10PM
Sunday 11:45AM–2:30PM, 5:45–9:45PM

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20A Baghdad Street Singapore 199659

Contact: +65 6291 1151

Reservation allowed at Quandoo.

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URA Parking available.

Travel via public transport.

Exit F;
Walk 427 m (about 8 minutes) to 20 Baghdad Street.
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