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Pixy Restaurant & Bar offers contemporary cuisine, the marriage of French and Japanese influences most fully asserts itself. Focuses on using fresh ingredients with everything prepared fresh daily. Don’t be surprise if you see some new items every week as they update their menu once every week. Pixy Restaurant & Bar  is helmed by Japanese Chef Tomine Nobuaki. Chef has started his culinary journey from studying in Le Cordon Bleu in US to Gary Danko (classic french cuisine with 2 Michelin stars) to La Baie in Ritz Carlton Osaka to Luxury Resort Hotel Sankara in Yakushima. The ambience at Pixy Restaurant & Bar is relaxed, with well-spaced tables so diners get their personal space with your dining partner.


Well-planned omakase with a bowl of roasted fish consommé to warm the stomach before the start of the meal. The consommé was light yet packed with flavours. The lollipop lookalike is actually made from shrimp octopus, minced meat with moose coated black rice crackers with mustard. The minced meat filling was very juice with the crackers popping in the mouth.


The raw oysters from Sakoshi bay that may even please non-oyster fan. With clean, mineral-rich water from Sakoshi bay, you can expect the oysters filled with mineral and umami. Theses oysters are freshly plucked upon preparation, rest assure there is no bad smell. The flesh of the oysters are thick, silky smooth oyster with a very clean finishing.


Sourced from Miyagi prefectures, kinka salmon, one of the new dishes from Pixy Restaurant & Bar. A salt and sugar cured salmon is piled atop appetising lemon salad surrounded by kailan puree, Bergamot extra virgin olive oil and ikura. The texture of the salmon was firm yet moist. Enjoyed the crispy fish bits made from snapper head. The crispy fish bits involves one painstakingly slow deep-fried at a time, with shouyu.


The wild snapper tempura is deep-fried in French style accompanied with light dragonfruit and cream cheese sauce. Kailan crisp is added on our visit, they serve imperial vegetables on any other days. Light and thin crisp of tempura batter which makes it easy to bite revealing chunky fresh wild snapper flesh inside. The wild snapper tempura is so addictive and Chef has revealed that he has added some beer into the batter.



This piece of Irish duck has a hue and texture akin to red meat with the perfect pink colour. Perfectly executed leaving moist and juicy meat with luscious crispy skin. Generous serving of Rouennaise sauce, a red wine base sauce combined with foie gras. It is also accompanied with cauliflower puree and citrusy homemade orange marmalade, which adds a kick to the duck, as a refresher.


Ended the meal with this melt-in-your-mouth light and delicate milk tea soufflé with ice cream is beautiful however it collapse quickly.

Omakase 5 course at S$100; 7 course at S$120 and Chef’s seasonal course at S$150.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go Pixy Restaurant & Bar
Operating Hours

Monday to Saturday 6PM–12AM Midnight
Sunday Closed

Address and Contact

16 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238965

Reservation is allowed.

Travel and Parking

Nearby parking available at UE Square.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 351 m (about 8 minutes) to River Valley Conservation Area.
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Pixy Restaurant & Bar

Pixy Restaurant & Bar

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