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The first of functional, double deck system in Singapore where a moving train traveling on a track above the main conveyor belt, delivers hot cooked food to diners who ordered thru the tablet. Whereas the main running conveyor belt at the bottom is filled with different types of sushi eg. salmon sushi, tamago sushi, unagi sushi, edamame and many more! And for a limited time from now till 17th June, all the yellow sushi plates on the conveyor sushi belt are priced at S$0.88++!! There are some Japan imported dishes like Hamachi Kama and Hotate Mentai. Pssst, ikura fans will be delighted with Ikura Gunkan (S$1) in the menu. Enjoy the inexpensive sushi that One Sushi has to offer!


As this is the hot item, you may order thru the tablet and receive freshly prepared hamachi on the upper moving train conveyor. There are lots of deliciously hidden pockets of moist flesh in Hamachi Kama and the lightly charred skin is good too!

Hamachi Kama at S$13.80++.



Besides the Hamachi Kama, hotate mentai is also imported from Japan. It’s hard to go wrong when mentaiko is involved. I love it when the marinated pollock roe has covered the entire scallop. The scallops were sweet and juicy, and the mentaiko sauce complimented it really well.

Hotate Mentai at S$5.80++ per piece.


There’s another dish that you should order at One Sushi – Salmon mentai sushi. The flame seared salmon is topped with mentaiko sauce. I can never get enough of that melt in your mouth sensation. Must eat it while it’s hot!

Salmon mentai sushi at S$2.20++ each.


Honestly, I was shocked when the unagi roll was served at my table. Never did I expect it turned out to be 8 pieces of unagi roll! I was expecting probably, 6 rolls. The unagi tasted decent with the sweet sauce. If you eat it in a bite, there’s also cucumber crunch and sweet tamago hidden in the sushi roll. I like it that there’s sesame fragrance in each bite.

Unagi roll at S$9.80++ per plate.


I enjoyed that the soft shell crabs were not over battered nor over-fried. It’s crispy, meaty but slightly oily.

Soft shell crab S$6.80++.


Who will say no to thickly sliced salmon? Needless to describe anymore as the picture says everything. Thick, fatty and generously sliced salmon. I’ll definitely order this combo (salmon and salmon belly sashimi) on my next visit!

Salmon sashimi at S$5.60++ per plate.

Salmon belly sashimi at S$7.60++ per plate.


We have enjoyed yuzu and black sesame ice cream. It’s refreshing and tasted good. We didn’t enjoy Hokkaido matcha and brulee cheese cakes thou. The matcha tasted too sweet and brulee too cakey.

Dessert at S$3.30++ each.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go One Sushi
Operating Hours

Daily: 11:30AM – 10PM

Address and Contact

3 Northpoint Drive, Yishun Town Square #01-04, S768020 (Near Northpoint South Wing taxi stand)

Contact: +65 6481 9331

Reservation not allowed, walk-in only.

Travel and Parking

Parking available at Yishun Town Square.

Travel via public transport.

Exit C;
Walk 370 m (about 10 minutes) to 3 Northpoint Drive.
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