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Located at the basement of ION Orchard, Niko Kappo by Watami group, delivers an authentic Japanese Kappo culinary concept from Tsukiji. At Niko Kappo, they focuses on meat. From the beef-themed decorations at the restaurant entrance, their bestsellers is not a secret. Here are some of the bestsellers that are highly touted among customers:


For starters, their Kushi Mori that comes in both Wagyu (Beef) or Tori (Chicken) version.  The homemade marinated meat skewers came in five assorted toppings and flavours. For the wagyu version, the flavours include saikyo miso, steak, wasabi, grated Radish & Ponzu, and sweet miso. On the other hand, the Tori version features flavours such as teriyaki, vinegar & tartar, miso, yuza and sesame.

Wagyu Kushi Mori (5 Kinds) at $39.90.

Tori Kushi Mori (5 Kinds) at $19.90.


Unlike most Japanese restaurant who specialise in crafting sushi and sashimi with ingredients from the sea, Niko Kappo has perfected the Niku (meat) Sushi. A selection premium Wagyu slices topped off with different luxurious ingredients such as uni, truffle and foie gras, their Token Niko Sushi Mori is a dream for all beef lovers. This was no doubt my favourite dish of the night.

Token Niko Sushi Mori (8 Kinds) at $38.90.


If you are looking for something simple, their Sukiyaki Sushi will satisfy your taste buds. Without the fancy ingredients, you can savour the genuine flavour of the thinly sliced beef that is wrapped around the fluffy sushi rice and blow-torched.

Sukiyaki Sushi at S$19.90.


Akin to its name, conquering Mt. Fuji Nabe is hard work for any normal person unless you are really hungry. Generous portion of meat slices nestled atop a bed of assorted vegetables in a rich pork bone soy sauce soup base. Just as we thought the size of the hotpot was surprising, the flavour and the price caught us off guard. The richness of the meat highlighted by the savoury flavour of the soy sauce, makes this the ultimate comfort food to share with friends.

Mt. Fuji Nabe (Beef or Pork) at $20.90.



Preserving the authentic Kansai Sukiyaki style, the Yaki Testu is cooked in the traditional cast iron pot. Diners can choose from different styles: Kobe or Edo. In the Edo Style, the beef is grilled in front of the diners before adding the premium Edo miso sauce that is specially imported from Japan. The rich flavour of the Edo style was slightly too overpowering for me but it is perfect for people who prefer bolder and sweeter flavours. In comparison, the Kobe style has a lighter flavour profile.

Maki Tetsu Kobe or Edo Style at S$28.90 – S$35.90 per pax (min. 2 pax).



A new addition to Niko Kappo, the Yaki Testu Sukiyaki simmers wagyu beef slices, vegetables, tofu and gluten slices (tofu) in a rich sukiyaki sauce. You can choose to dip the meat in the tamale sauce which helps balances out the sweet and savoury taste of the sukiyaki.

Yaki Testu Sukiyaki at S$26.90 per pax (min. 2 pax).



To end off the meal, their Strawberry Ice Brulee with Snow is a decent option. It comes with a fluffy cotton candy which is then blow-torched to reveal the beautiful ice-cream and strawberries within. Despite the beautiful presentation, the melted cotton candy was too hard to bite on, thus affecting the texture of the dessert.

Strawberry Ice Brulee with Snow at S$5.90.

In addition to the wide variety of meaty dishes, Niku Kappo also offers a long list of Sake and Sochu that are specially imported from Japan. Overall, Niko Kappo is a great place to gather with friends to bond over some great food and drinks.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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This article is written by Yi Xuan.

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How to go Niku Kappo
Operating Hours

Daily 11:30AM–10PM

Address and Contact

2 Orchard Turn #B3-23 ION Orchard Singapore, 238801

Contact: +65 6509 9366

Travel and Parking

Parking available at Ion Orchard.

Travel via public transport.

Exit E;
Walk 102 m (about 5 minutes) to ION Orchard.
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