Choose-your-spice-level Japanese curry on a wholly 34 cm(in diameter) plate of curry rice at Monster Curry.  The signature Japanese curry is made up of 14 different spices and vegetables resulted in a rich and deep flavourful brown sauce. Warning: Choose your flame wisely as 5 flame that is monster hot. It’s also advisable for small appetite foodies to share a plate as the portion is really big.

monster curry

Monster Curry Japanese Chicken katsu curry. (Price: SGD13*)

Being a non-spicy foodie, 1 flame normal hot spicy in heart shape is still bearable. It’s good that the spicy chilli and curry are not mixed together. Thus any spicy surplus can be easily scooped off from the Japanese curry. Also to note that the Japanese curry sauce does not get chunky towards the end of the meal.

monster curry

Peach Italian juice. (Price: SGD2.50*)

Refreshing fruit juice to clear your throat after a heavy meal.

monster curry

Amount of crowd on my first visit at Parkway Parade Monster Curry.

monster curry

In my first visit, after 40 minutes of waiting, looking at the Japanese curry rice served on every table except ours. Our chicken katsu curry rice had finally landed on our table after checking with one of the service crews. Feeling excitement and tried on the first piece of Monster Curry chicken katsu, it was cold, dry and hard. Moreover it was fried chicken breast. Sadly, the breaded flour is thicker than the chicken breast itself. Even the rice was cold, only the Japanese curry was pipping hot. However in my second visit at the same branch, a plate of hot Japanese curry rice was served within 10 minutes. Crispy breaded chicken katsu setted on generous serving of hot rice. Surprisingly, it was a total different Japanese curry rice experience. The crowd on both visits at Parkway Parade were about the same as we have visited on a weekday. Monster Curry‘s food quality and service is inconsistent. Try at your luck for a serving of Japanese curry rice.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

-We paid for our meal.

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Budget Per Pax


How to go Monster Curry
Operating Hours

Daily: 10AM – 10PM

Address and Contact

80 Marine Parade Road
Parkway Parade #01-11
Singapore 449269

Contact: +65 6348 6171

Reservation not allowed.

Travel and Parking

Parking available at Parkway Parade.

Travel via public transport.

Walk 32 metres to the bus stop at Block 99, Old Airport Road.

Board Bus 31 at Block 99, Old Airport Road. Alight at Opposite Parkway Parade, Marine Parade Road, 5 stops later.

Walk 3 minutes to Parkway Parade.

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Monster Curry

Monster Curry

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          • Flavourful curry.


          • Stiff and rough fried chicken breast meat.