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What do you do when you have S$400,000? HDB flat, Porsche? The founder Misato Tony Young chose to purchase gorgeous customised tableware that cost over S$400,000 so you get the best dining experience. Misato is located inside Gastro+ on level 1 of The Centrepoint, a contemporary and chic Japanese restaurant. Using only high quality ingredients (including kurobuta to cabbage to tomatoes) are imported Japan including exclusive and premium matcha powder, imported from Nara prefecture. Misato is the first in Singapore to use this ingredient. You can count on the chefs from Misato, from the taste to the presentation of the food; making sure that every detail is perfected. Even the gloves and face masks used by the kitchen staff are from Japan. Food tasted the best when it’s hot. As every dish is freshly cooked upon ordering, do allow some time for the chefs to prepare your hot meal. Here’s what you should do when you’re waiting for your dish; admire the cozy ambience. You will be fascinated by Misato‘s ambience and wide selection of gorgeous customized tableware costing over S$400,000. Don’t be deceived that the food at Misato must be expensive. The price is good, like what you pay in a casual Japanese restaurant.



The chawanmushi is cooked to order, using homemade dashi stock cooked from scratch. Despite its simplicity, this chawanmushi is packed with natural flavours in soft and velvety texture.

Misato: Chawanmushi at S$4.90.


Cold cha soba is served on ice and presented in a beautiful bento box. It’s good to combat Singapore’s hot weather! Have a taste of the cold cha soba on its own, then dip into Misato’s homemade dipping sauce and dressings. Enjoy its own distinct flavour and aroma of matcha noodles.

Misato: Cha Soba at S$13.80


A savoury pancake made from high-quality Japanese yam with crunchy Japanese cabbage in its fillings over 2 eggs and served on a sizzling plate. These pancakes are delicious and the cabbage is soft but quite heavy on the sauces. You might feel jelak after awhile.

 Misato: Okonomiyaki at S$14.90.



The mixed fried set comes with chicken, fresh tiger prawn with wanton skin and cheese korokke coated with bread crumbs, and crispy fresh Japanese shredded cabbage served at the side. Alongside with home-cooked miso soup and barley rice. The chicken remained moist and juicy inside, yet not too greasy. Fresh and huge tiger prawn coated with uniquely wanton skin to golden brown and delectably crunchy deep fried. Not forgetting the cheese korokke that comes with the mini bite of ham and sweet corn with very stretchy cheese. They are best-eaten piping hot, haha just be careful not to scald your tongue! Prepare your sauce by adding Tonkatsu sauce to white and black sesame. Refreshen your palate with Goma dressing for the cabbage.

Misato: Mixed Fried Set at S$18.80.


The Seafood Kaminabe Set comes with assorted seafood (fresh tiger prawns, Norwegian salmon), assorted Japanese mushrooms and vegetables in a homemade niboshi broth cooked at your table. The set is completed with a bowl of Japanese rice. The broth was naturally sweet and delicious. The best thing is NO MSG added. You may savour till the last drop of soup with a peace of mind. The accompaniments and the dipping sauce are essential for any kaminabe. Not only it was aesthetically pleasing, the seafood also tasted appetizing with the yuzu dipping sauce.

Misato: The Seafood Kaminabe Set at S$20.80.


If you love the crispy lattice coating of gyoza, you’ll love this! These gyozas are steamed then grilled for that paper thin layer of crispiness at the top.  Unlike the usual pork-based filling, these gyoza are filled with hand-chopped steamed chicken and vegetable with a juicy sweet finish.

 Misato: Handmade gyoza at S$6.90 for 6 pieces and S$10.90 for 10 pieces.


Soft and super smooth warabi mochi are freshly handmade everyday. The ingredients are not compromised, they are air-flown from Japan directly. It comes in 3 flavours; matcha, black sesame and soy bean. And yay! You get to try all 3 yummy flavours in one serving.

Misato: Sanshoku Warabi Mochi at S$8.80 .

Budget Per Pax


How to go Misato
Operating Hours

Daily: 12PM – 10PM (Last order at 9PM)

Address and Contact

176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint Gastro+ , #01-33E Singapore 238843

Contact: +65 6235 2822

Travel and Parking

Parking available at The Centrepoint.

Travel via public transport.

Exit B;
Walk 190 m (about 5 minutes) to The Centrepoint.
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