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Unveiling the secret recipe, Maze-Soba sauce, flown from Japan to ensure consistency. And you enjoy the taste closest to Menya Kokoro Japan. Minced meat topping is cooked using a slow-cooked Japanese-style recipe. Menya Kokoro has 27 outlets worldwide since 2014 and the first outlet in Singapore opening at Suntec City recently on 12 Oct 2018!



Vegan maze soba available with soy meat and assorted vegetables.


Unravel the founder behind the maze soba is Chef Takuma Ishikawa, with 13 years experience under his belt. Trained under the originators of Maze-soba (Menya Hanabi), Chef Takuma also won the highly acclaimed Best 2014 Maze-Soba Award in Japan.


The noodles are made from whole wheat flour and cooked for exactly 8 minutes and 40 seconds for the QQ texture. Generally, you have to mess the wobbly egg and mix well with all other ingredients. I like to try the original taste of maze-soba before adding their kombu (kale) vinegar sauce. Each maze soba is also served with complimentary mushroom kombu-based soup and oimeshi.


There are three types of maze-soba (original, curry and spicy) and one maze-don (curry) to choose from!

Prices of Maze-soba:

Original Maze-soba at S$10.80
Curry Maze-soba at S$13.80
Spicy Maze-soba at S$11.80
Curry Maze-don at S$13.80


At this relatively small restaurant which seats only 58 people cosily at Suntec City Tower 1&2, good for a quick lunch or dinner. We can’t help but think of our love for Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan’s minced meat! And, the minced meat simply “disappear” into the sloppy mess after mixing. If I had to choose one of out the four, I would go for curry maze-soba drenched in thick curry that is savoury and a hint of spicy. Not to miss some of the sides such as chicken wings made with a Nagoya-style secret recipe and crispy chicken karaage. At the end of my meal, I will swoop in and scoop up the leftover curry with chicken karaage.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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Budget Per Pax


How to go Menya Kokoro
Operating Hours

Daily 11AM–10PM

Address and Contact

#03-313 Eat At Seven, Suntec City Mall Tower, 3 Temasek Blvd, Tower 1&2, 038983

Contact: +65 6235 3386

Travel and Parking

Parking available at Suntec City Tower 1 & 2.

Travel via public transport.

Exit C;
Walk 199 m (about 5 minutes) to Suntec City Mall.
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