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Can’t decide what to order? Leave your dinner in the good hands of the Chef Ben. In the skilled and artful hands of Chef Ben, omakase has been elevated to an exquisite level as yet unseen along Seah Street. Fresh ingredients are key; especially sashimi, all imported fresh 4 times a week, so you can be sure you’re getting the freshest. In the 30-seater Japanese restaurant, it is cosy with a sushi bar and a four seater table. Regulars love to sit at the corner of the sushi bar, so they can watch their food being prepared.

The omakase meal started off with Mozuku Su with Japanese Mountain Yam. These light refreshing vinegar seaweeds are a great start to any meal. The sourness from the vinegar helps whet your appetite.

matsuya omakase

Followed by Nama Kaki Ponzu (oyster); Japanese Oyster Sashimi with appetising Lemon and Ponzu Sauce. Who can resist big, fat, juicy and succulent oyster! Chef Ben has sliced it into two such that it was convenient to eat.

matsuya omakase

After the vinegar seaweeds and big oyster, I can smell fragrance of truffles coming from the back of the sushi bar. The crystal clear founder fish is thinly sliced with truffle oil and shio konbu. I would wrap the founder fish with shio konbu which adds a subtle depth of flavour. Whilst the truffle oil adds a lovely aroma to this sashimi with a good aftertaste.

matsuya omakase

After the appetisers, we started onto omakase main courses. As the sashimi platter was presented infront of me, I almost forgotten to take photos. The presentation of the sashimi platter was lovely; included 6 sashimi pieces, Otoro. Kanpachi. Akami. Shima Aji. Hotate and Uni. The miraculously buttery otoro was the platter highlight as well as the the simply incredible fresh raw Shima Aji piece.  The Hotate and Uni were fantastic, but that’s not the end of that story. You might have noticed there are other accompaniments along with this sashimi platter; the ice plant, flower plants. Everything is edible on this plate. Chef Ben has taught us to peel some floras and add to the shoyu. It actually gives a natural flora fragrance to the soy sauce.
After the sashimi platter, our sushi chef presented us with raw tomato with goma dressing. Not the ordinary tomato that you see in the market. The Japanese Amelia Tomato is one of the best tomatoes that you will ever taste.The goma dressing brings out the deliciousness of juicy, soft and sweet tomato.
matsuya omakase
The King Crab is presented on one side of the crab shell such that is is much easier to get the delicious chunk of crab meat. The moist, juicy and sweet crab meat was simply AWESOME!
matsuya omakase
One of my favourite Omakase courses was the sushi bowl; which consists of otoro, salmon belly aburi, silver fish, uni, warm sushi rice topped with bonito flakes, seaweed and sesame. Both otoro and salmon belly were perfectly torched and literally melted in the mouth. It pairs well with fresh uni and the rest of the fresh seafood.
A delicious and comforting bowl of hot miso soup with fat and juicy clams makes the end of omakase. The seafood was undeniably fresh and I could certainly eat that everyday. The 8-course Omakase full of fresh seasonal seafood is value for money. As compared to a similar omakase course might cost S$200+ per pax.
The food was amazing, nothing to pick on. However, the ambience can be better with soft music. It was a little quiet to dine in silence. There is only one small corner at the sushi bar to watch as your food is being prepared. So, set your position right if you like to watch Chef Ben in action.
Omakase is seasonal and reflects the best available at Matsuya Sushi Bar. So, what you see here might not be available on your visit.
Omakase (Chef’s choice)
  • 8 course dinner at S$88+
  • 9 course dinner at S$118+
  • Premium Course Dinner at S$148+ and above

*Service charge (10%)  applicable.

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How to go Matsuya Sushi Bar
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Monday to Saturday: 11.30AM -2:15PM; 6 – 10PM

Sunday: CLOSED

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 39 Seah St, Singapore 188395

Contact: +65 6250 6200

Reservation allowed.

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Parking available along Seah St.

Travel via public transport.

Exit F;
Walk 298 m (8 minutes) to 39 Seah Street.
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