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From Bright, Shining, Clear, Kiyoshi giving focus on light and wholesome meal for diners. Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant specialises in hand-kneading and hand-stretched Inaniwa udon. This is one very popular type all hailed from the tiny village of Inaniwa in Inakawa machi, Akita prefecture. Chef Kiyoshi learnt the art of making Inaniwa udon in Japan and it requires special equipment. Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant is one of the few Japanese restaurants in Singapore that serves Inaniwa Udon for its soft texture and also easy to swallow. As compared to the regular udon, Inaniwa udon is hand-stretched, cream coloured and slightly thinner and smoother in texture. Besides the Signature Inaniwa udon, Kiyoshi also offers sashimi, yakitori, donburi, ramen as well as bento sets. The best seller items are Aburi Salmon Salad Udon, Tempura Oroshi Udon and Tem Chirashi Udon. These cold udon is generally well-received for its refreshing, light taste. Good for Singapore’s tropical climate.


Whether you pair it with a glass of beer, these skewers are hard to go wrong. From yakitori to more fancy skewer offerings including, Buta Bara (Pork Belly with Teriyaki Sauce), Bacon Aspara Maki (Asparagus wrapped with Bacon), Gyu Enoki Maki (Enoki wrapped with Sliced Beef), Tebasaki (Grilled Chicken Wings), Cheese Maki (Mozzarella Cheese wrapped with Sliced Pork).  My pick goes to the soft and stretchy mozzarella cheese wrapped with thinly sliced pork.




This cold thin udon is packed with a melody of assorted tempura such as scallop, cherry tomato, mushroom, avocado and capsicum. Enjoy the tempura crunch while slurping on comforting udon. I’ve enjoyed the avocado tempura the most, it becomes very creamy and is delicious.

Tem Chirsashi Udon at S$16.80.


Beat the summer with cold and refreshing aburi salmon salad udon. It is filled with cold thin noodles topped with seared salmon and mixed greens.

Aburi Salmon Salad Udon at S$18.80.


You might be surprise of the star ingredient for this dish. It is actually the grated radish with ginger. Mix the rest of the ingredients including wild vegetables, seaweed, bonito flakes and cold thin noodles.  The grated radish added a gentle sweetness to the taste and tangles well with the slippery udon. The grated ginger gave a fresh aftertaste.

Tempura Oroshi Udon at S$18.80.


The Gekikara Ramen has a Korean spicy bean paste profile that is spicy, tangy and sweet. It is generously filled with tempura prawn, squid, pork slices and vegetables.

Gekikara Ramen at S$18.80.


The cha soba is made of buckwheat noodle infused with green tea. Unlike the usual way of eating it cold, Kiyoshi served it with warm soup noodles. It is also served with nicely deep-fried prawn, vegetable tempura topped with fish cake, seaweed and leek.

Tempura with Cha Soba at S$19.80.


It’s hard to go wrong with salmon cheese sushi especially if you are a salmon lover! The slices of cheese comes with a slightly smoky flavour amid refreshing crunchy cucumber and soft cheese inside.

Salmon Cheese Roll at S$13.80.


Not the usual chirashi don as it is served with marinated assorted fish. It is flavourful and no soy sauce is required for me.

Bara Chirashi Don with miso soup at S$18.80.


The seafood hot pot soup comes with prawn, clam, half shell scallop, vegetables, mushroom well-soaked in a distinctive sweet and savoury broth with a deep umami flavour of bonito flakes.

Seafood Nabeyaki Udon at S$21.80.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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Operating Hours

Monday 11AM–3PM, 5PM–10PM
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75 Amoy St, Singapore 069894

Phone: +65 6223 0995/ +65 93666 419 or email

Reservation is allowed.

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Islandwide delivery is available at S$11. Minimum order of S$30.

Free delivery for orders above S$100.

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Parallel parking available.

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Exit A;
Walk 283 m (about 6 minutes) to Telok Ayer Conservation Area.
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