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As seen on news, our oceans are facing global crisis. 90% of fishing grounds in the world are already over-fished or fully exploited. Sustainable consumption of seafood is the best way to reverse this decline and prevent the predicted collapse of fish stocks for our future generation. I would be glad to share with you guys on Ippin Cafe Bar new menu of sustainable seafood from world’s famous fishing port, Kesennuma Shishiori. This new menu is available from 3 April 2017. Prices range from S$15 and above.

Did you know these sustainable seafood come from Kesennuma Shishiori, Japan’s famous fish port? Three hours+ drive away is Sanriku sea waters, the world’s three largest fishing ground, where the fishermen catch the fishes using sustainable methods. Kesennuma Shishiori, the world’s third largest fish port after Norway and Canada, is better known for being Japan’s biggest processor for bonito, swordfish and even sharks. The fish port is blessed with a bountiful variety of marine life that are attracted to the different sea temperature. Despite the bountiful of fishes, the local fishermen use radars to determine the types and quantity of fishes in the area to maintain a healthy balance in the ocean habitat. It is pleasant and be acquainted with a place in Japan, through food. Shishiori, a region in Kesennuma is one of a kind for superb tastes, delivered by means of one of the special high-tech strategies. Dining at Ippin Cafe Bar in another way also helps Kesennuma Shishiori economy after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

IPPIN Cafe Bar

Salmon flake rice ball with Tororo Konbu (Tangle shavings) flake.

IPPIN Cafe Bar

Spicy tuna hand-rolled sushi.

IPPIN Cafe Bar

Seared bonito sushi.

IPPIN Cafe Bar

Simply love cheese in any form. This was even better, adding classic salted squid guts to transform a piece of regular cheese into a taste sensation!

Classic salted squid guts with cream cheese.

IPPIN Cafe Bar

Smoked sanma roasted with garlic has less of the fishy taste. Delicate texture with an additional layer of smoky flavor after taste that lingers.

Smoked sanma roasted with garlic.

IPPIN Cafe Bar

Among all, my favourite dish would be Shishiori Ikura Don. The main flavour is composed of fresh and salty ikura with sweet popping in every bite. These ikura are freezed in Japan retaining the nutritional contents, taste and texture then imported to Singapore. Don’t forget to perfect your meal with sake.

IPPIN Cafe Bar

Honestly, I was shocked and feeling guilty when I saw shark’s meat offered on the table. Rest assure, the shark’s meats offered at Ippin Cafe Bar are caught using sustainable methods. Fishermen from Kesennuma Shishiori are able to determine the type of fishes in the area using radars, and are better decision makers to leave the area if a particular species is on the decrease.  I guess that there are some education to be held, knowing where your seafood comes from. In fairness to shark’s meat lovers, it is okay to eat as long as they are caught using sustainable fishing methods responsibly.

On a side track, you should try wakame from Ippin Cafe Bar. The better quality Japanese seaweed is thick and has a silky smooth texture.

Shark meat ball with seaweed and vegetable soup with yuzu ponzu vinegar.

IPPIN Cafe Bar

Not a fan of tinned food however these have changed my perspective totally. It’s definitely one of the best tinned foods. Be it sweet or savoury, you can definitely find your favourite tin. So happy that I can cook some with my plain maggie mee on a lazy day. I’m gonna try these with fried rice soon.

As featured:

  • Buri-Daikon (Simmered yellowtail and daikon radish)
  • Mackerel simmered in miso in can
  • Seasoned pacific saury

IPPIN Cafe Bar

Pair your meal with sake from Kesennuma.

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