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Apart from local delights, Japanese cuisine is undeniably one of Singaporeans’ favourite food. Though quality Japanese cuisine usually comes with a high price tag, we found a new gem located along Prinsep Street that serves high-quality Japanese food at very affordable prices. One of the newest Japanese outlets in town, En Sushi offers fresh sashimi, sushi rolls and mains, all under S$20.


Fans of century egg, do not miss their Pitan Tofu! Creamy and soft, we were amazed with the unique flavours from this simple chilled appetiser. Even for those who dislike century egg, this dish might just change your mind!

Pitan Tofu at S$4.90.




If we can only choose one thing to eat there, it will be none other than their Chirashi Don or Bara Chirashi Don. Expect bowls of goodness served with thick slices of fresh sashimi or chopped marinated sashimi cubes laid atop of a pile of sushi rice. They are so generous with the sashimi toppings that the rice was all covered up. At less than $20, the generous pile of fresh and sweet sashimi is hands down one of the best and most affordable Chirashi Don I had in a long time.

Chirashi Don at S$19.90 and Bara Chirashi Don at S$10.80.


Best shared with friends, their sushi rolls are satisfying to the eyes and tummies. Packed with generous avocado, cucumber and crispy ebi, and topped with beautifully torched Salmon sashimi, every mouthful of their Spicy Ebi Fry Salmon Aburi Maki was pure pleasure. We can’t get enough of the light smokey aroma and the melted fish goodness.

Spicy Ebi Fry Salmon Aburi Maki at S$15.90.


Allergic to prawns but still want to savour the aburi goodness? Then go for their Salmon Aburi Mentai Maki which offers the same captivating smokey aroma and additional crunch from the ebiko topping.

Salmon Aburi Mentai Maki at S$14.90.


For diners looking for cooked options, En Sushi offers a wide variety of grilled dishes. Our favourites include the Sliced Beef Steak and Gindara Saikyo. A beautiful brown crust with a rosy hue on the inside, the steak slices was succulent and flavourful. This tender steak definitely deserves to be championed as one of the crowd favourites.

Sliced Beef Steak at S$14.90 (100gm) and S$28.90 (200gm).


A popular traditional Japanese dish, their Gindara Saikyo is well-marinated in miso and cooked to perfection. The second it comes into contact with your tongue, the sweet cod fish simply melts in your mouth. It’s almost akin to consuming butter without the guilt.

Gindara Saikyo at S$18.90.


If you are looking for something outside the common Japanese dishes, you might just be interested in their Curry Katsu Spaghetti. A touch of Italian flair to the Japanese cuisine, the al-dente pasta works really well with the thick and flavourful Japanese curry. Topped with a beautiful golden-brown chicken katsu, the combination of the crispy chicken skin,  juicy meat and creamy curry was simply irresistible.

Curry Katsu Spaghetti at S$11.90.

Overall, all the food at En Sushi was generally a hit for me. With great flavours at such affordable prices, I can see it becoming the next hotspot for students and office crowds. We went there on a Thursday night and the place was pretty packed. You better go before it becomes too crowded!

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This article is written by Yi Xuan.

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How to go En Sushi
Operating Hours

Daily: 11:30AM–3PM, 6–10PM

Address and Contact

#01-02 Income@Prinsep, 30 Prinsep St, 188647

Contact: +65 6253 1426

Travel and Parking

Parking available at NTUC Income Princep House.

Travel via public transport.

Exit B;
Walk 112 m (about 4 minutes) to Income At Prinsep.
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