Media Tasting at Ebi Tori Menzo

Are you getting tired of the Japanese ramen options that we have? Well, then it’s time to try something a little different. Direct from Osaka, Ebi Tori Menzo serves up delicious ramen and tsukemen.


The Tsukemen, which is their signature dipping noodle, was a unique surprise. It is a type of ramen that the noodles and the broth are served separately, which you then dip into the broth before slurping it up. The Tsukemen is served with an array of different vegetables, including Japanese sweet potatoes, Mizuna (Japanese mustard seed) and tomatoes, a lemon wedge, and some chashao. Along with the noodle is the signature thick and creamy prawn head broth, which is cooked for hours under slow and low heat, and then blended for maximum flavour.

The noodles were soft and springy, going well together with both the original and spicy ebi sauce. The spicy ebi sauce was light and smooth, carrying a subtle hint of “hae bee hiam” soup kind of taste. The original ebi sauce was less flavourful in comparison, but also carried a light taste of the shrimp, suitable for non-spicy lovers to enjoy. The Tsukemen does not get too overwhelming to enjoy, thanks to the refreshing side of vegetables and lemon wedge. There was also a slice of baguette served, an alternative dipping dish that went well with the both the ebi sauces.


A small bowl of Japanese rice is then served at the end of the meal, with milk soup to mix into your leftover dipping sauce to make a delicious risotto. This risotto carried a bizarre taste, since it is the first time eating a dish containing ebi broth with warm milk and rice, but it was really warming for the stomach. Overall the Tsukemen carried both a pleasant taste and experience, something new and unique that’s totally worth the try!

Something more familiar to everyone will be their traditional soup-based ramen. The broth is slow cooked for hours using pork, chicken bones, and vegetables, under low heat, to achieve a clear and flavourful soup.


Their popular Shio Chicken Ramen has got to be my favourite pick. The chashao that was served along with the soft and springy ramen was tender and melts in the mouth. The broth was light and naturally sweet, and I totally enjoyed the whole bowl till the very last drop of it.  


Ebi Tori Menzo also serve a variety of side dishes as well as Japanese alcohol options which we really enjoyed. The mini chashao don we had was another favourite of mine. The chashao was well seasoned with salt and pepper and carries a melt-in-the-mouth tenderness.


The tofu was served together with the ebi dipping sauce, adding a distinct ebi taste and slight saltiness to the otherwise plain tofu, a unique twist to the usual shoyu-with-tofu dish.


As a gyoza lover, the gyozas surely did not disappoint as well. Not forgetting the sweet potato crisps which we were snacking on consistently throughout the meal. Completing the meal with a choice of Umeshu (with soda), it was refreshing and cleared the oil in our palette.  

Ebi Tori Menzo is located at an accessible corner located along South Beach Road, with a really nice and chill vibe. A great and affordable place for a casual dinner or an occasion to celebrate, suitable for people of all ages to dine at.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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