Media Tasting at Dashi Master Marusaya

First visited Mai by Dashi Master Marusaya and impressed with the authentic tradtional dashi broth. Been looking forward to visit the flagship restaurant of the Marusaya Group at Dashi Master Marusaya where I could satisfy my cravings for quality dashi broth.


What’s unique at Dashi Master Marusaya is undeniable Marusaya’s Signature dashi. We also learnt that dashi is the foundation of Japanese cuisine. At Dashi Master Marusaya, the dashi stock is prepared using two ingredients, kombu and dried bonito flakes. It may seem for some, only two ingredients? However, think about it, a simple dish is always hardest to master. Which type of dashi is Dashi Master Marusaya using? Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes)! Can you imagine? It takes two years to process. Only by this tedious method to produce nutritious and healthy Katsuobushi abounded with umami flavours. Glad to know that the dashi from Dashi Master Marusaya is 100% natural without any MSG or any artificial seasoning.

Taberu Katsuobushi (Half Dried Bonito Fish Jerky) at S$15.



Blanched spinach steeped in light dashi sauce and garnished with dried bonito flakes.

Ohitashi at S$9.


I became an instant fan after the first bite as I love firm and soft tofu and the light dashi sauce. My dining partner can’t help but to grab the pangseh (last) piece.

Agedashi Tofu at S$12.


Can’t help but to think of the days where I had authentic oden during winter in Japan. This dashi oden has brought back all the good old memories. Authentic!!

Dashi Oden at S$20.


The highlight of Dashi Master Marusaya goes to the Dashi Shabu Set with eight different shredded vegetables and choice of meat (A4 or A5 Wagyu)! This includes Chinese cabbage, carrot, kale, tang oh, leak, shimeji, shiitake and myoga (Japanese ginger). I’m a vegetable lover and was screaming in delight.


The assorted vegetables lend a lightness to the stock and delicious meats like A4 wagyu or pork. The elegant wagyu compliments with the sweetness of the dashi broth, without any thick meatiness or greasy fat. Pssst, we’re a mad fan and can’t get enough of the yuzu pepper sauce! The yuzu pepper sauce acts like a flavour bomb on everything it touches, be it wagyu, pork or vegetables.

A4 Wagyu Dashi Shabu at S$68 per person.
Pork Dashi at S$48 per person.



We are given a choice of homemade udon or porridge to be served at the end of the shabu shabu. I love anything homemade, thus udon is my choice! Love the smooth yet has a QQ texture.


Tried matcha and black sesame ice cream for a sweet finale. I think the serving is pretty small for S$6 ya? Being a big fan of matcha, I think the matcha icecream is a disappoint. I couldn’t taste any matcha flavour. The black sesame icecream in contrast, shines with a nice bitter yet fragrance undertone.

Ice Cream (Green Tea, Black Sesame or Vanilla) at S$6.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go Dashi Master Marusaya
Operating Hours

Monday to Friday 5PM to 11.30PM (last order 11PM)
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 12PM to 11.30PM (last order 11PM)

Address and Contact

86 Robertson Quay, #01-01, Robertson Blue Singapore, Singapore 238245

Phone +65 6732 0383


Reservation is allowed.

Travel and Parking

Nearby parking available at Gallery Hotel Car Park.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 166 m (about 3 minutes) to the bus stop at Opposite Shell House, Clemenceau Avenue.
Board Bus 64, 123 at Opposite Shell House (04329), Clemenceau Avenue.
Alight at Hotel Miramar, Havelock Road, 2 stops later.
Walk 154 m to Robertson Blue.
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