Tokyo Japan 

Tenya first set its ground on Asakusa in Japan Tokyo. The Seafood Tendon is filled to the brim (S$12.90) with Black Tiger prawn, anago, scallop, redfish, pumpkin and French beans. Each piece of tempura is coated in a very light and delicate batter and fried to beautiful golden colour. As the ingredients don’t have much batter cushioning so it is not as crispy as compared to other tempura chains.
Allow yourself to be charmed by Japan’s iconic pancake chain, FLIPPER’S. Each souffle pancake is so delicate that is recommended to use two forks to tear (instead of using a knife to slice). Hard to go wrong with FLIPPER’S classic, Kiseki Pancake Plain (S$16.80). You can taste the goodness of the whipped cream on top of the airy souffle pancakes. The whipped cream is made with Canadian pure maple syrup and French butter, leaving a lightly sweet fragrance that lingers in the mouth.
Yakiniku Like
Hailing from Japan, Yakiniku Like, specialises in yakiniku fast food with 30 outlets in Asia including Taipei, Indonesia and Singapore. Yakiniku Like, being the first restaurant to introduce individual electric smokeless grills, specially customised for the Singapore outlet. There are also set menu serving different beef parts including karubi, harami, prime karubi and misuji. Spoilt for choices as we spot Yakiniku Like‘s Signature Like Set serving beef tongue, skirt steak and beef short plate, Karubi and Harami set being the best seller in Japan, the unbeatable price pork & chicken set and many more! Each set meal is priced starting from S$7.80, accompanied with a bowl of rice, soup and a choice of kimchi or salad.

Fukuoka Japan

Kanada-Ya originated in the small town of Yukuhashi, Fukuoka, Japan, in 2019 and made its way over to London, Japan, Hong Kong, Barcelona and finally to Singapore. Love at first taste with this truffle ramen. The truffle broth was thick yet smooth enough with a strong mushroom taste to drinking till the very last delicious drop. Don’t forget to mix the black truffle oil and truffle jelly for the yummy ramen experience! Comes with a slice of tender chashu with a pink blush, perfect hanjuku egg and asparagus. Unfortunately, sad to say that the truffle ramen only available in limited quantities daily (20 per day). 
Ootoya is originated in Tokyo in 1958. Oyako Don is an unassuming main was a heartwarming dish. Rich runny egg and generous portions of charcoal-grilled chicken were served atop fluffy steamed rice. This is truly a bowl of comfort food and we definitely recommend you to try this on your visit here!

Osaka Japan 

Ebi Tori Menzo
Are you getting tired of the Japanese ramen options that we have? Well, then it’s time to try something a little different. Direct from Osaka, Ebi Tori Menzo serves up delicious ramen and tsukemen. Their popular Shio Chicken Ramen has got to be my favourite pick. The chashao that was served along with the soft and springy ramen was tender and melts in the mouth. The broth was light and naturally sweet, and I totally enjoyed the whole bowl till the very last drop of it.  

Hokkaido Japan 

Hokkaido Santouka Ramen
For those who are unfamiliar with Santouka, it is a Japanese ramen restaurant at The Central, best for its Hokkaido-style ramen and pork cheek. Despite having 53 outlets in 9 countries, the quality is kept consistent throughout all the outlets. Such that the diners can enjoy the same quality of ramen regardless of where they dine. For beginners, I would recommend trying the Signature pork cheek ramen. The pork had a slight hint of smokiness with a beautiful, flavourful cut of pork cheeks that melts in your mouth. 

Okinawan Japan

Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai
Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai, previously located at Liang Court is famed for their cuisine from Okinawa. Now, shifted to Great World City. Feel the Okinawa sea breeze with the sea grapes. Swaying side to side under the salty ocean. These sea grapes are salty, sweet, and popping like caviars as we dip it into the soya sauce provided. Heh popping like little bubbles or caviers.

Kyushu Japan

Ginza Anzu
Fancy for top quality tonkatsu? Ginza Anzu imported pork from farms that maintain the highest level of hygiene. The executive chef thus plays out a stringent choice among this top-quality pork before aging them, creating Ginza Anzu‘s Ginjo pork. Get to choose between the healthier lean or sinfully delicious fatty meat. I’ve picked the sinfully delicious deep-fried fatty loin coated in flaky panko. The fatty loin tends to be the juicier of the two as it contains layers of marbled fat. I’ve enjoyed that the pork cutlet doesn’t taste too “porky”. Or simply indulge each slice of meat in the original or sweet tonkatsu sauce.
Tsukada Nojo
Tsukada Nojo is a Japanese Restaurant in Singapore that serves collagen chicken soup. What’s special in Tsukada Nojo is that healthy and safe ingredients are used. Organic jidori chickens are imported from Japan. Vegetables are natural, organic grown by Singapore farmers. They consist of no pesticide and no chemical fertilizer. The soft and tender chicken slices are my favourite!

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