Media Tasting at Yantra by Chef Hemant Oberoi

Yantra by Hemant Oberoi endeavours to fine Indian food with a well balanced of classic and contemporary Northern Indian cuisines. Chef Hemant Oberoi’s new menu features food from all across India and incorporates hand-picked spices flown in from the country. Yantra also houses an extended bar that serves a list of uncommon whiskies and innovative alcoholic and non-alcoholic tipples. An extensive wine list of more than 250 old world and new world labels offers ascend to splendid pairings of food and wine. All foods are halal however Yantra is not halal certified due to alcohol service.

Chef Hemant Oberoi has cooked for various world leaders and celebrities including Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, Margret Thatcher, Brangelina and Tom Cruise. —He is also a trend setter in the culinary world, mixing Indian and western foods. With a menu mirroring the differing qualities and unpredictability of Indian food, Chef Oberoi puts in his one of a kind contort, conveying it to the key of culinary advancement with signature dishes like Quinoa Chaat and Varqui Crab, as well as desserts such as gulab jamun tiramisu.


Yantra appetiser with very crispy chips and assorted vegetables strips, dipped on mildly spicy sauce.


No more boring food:) One of the WOW dishes when it is served. Isn’t it adorable? Crispy chaat sets on chairs with leather from edible mango slices. I love this chair, food for the eyes and happy tummy!

Yantra Chair Chaat at S$16*.


Featuring from left to right.

Spiced minced chicken kebabs on sugar cane sticks, having all the taste without extra grease. My favourite among the three appetisers.

Yantra Ganderi Kebabs at S$28*.

Kashmiri lamb chop, meat khandvi rolls, coconut foam, goat cheese salad with delights of authentic Indian food. A little disappointment as there’s a slight gamy smell in lamb.

Yantra Grazing Goat at S$45*.

A simple appetiser spiced with three lemon zest flavoured chicken tikka.

Yantra Teen Nimboo Ka Chicken Tikka at S$36*.


Signature curry leaf and tasty pepper crab separated by filo sheets and perfect with chargrilled prawn. Look at the generous amount of crab meat below! Savoury good with curry leaf fragrance!

Yantra Verqui crab at S$32*.



Yantra fine wine collection – Bodegas Muga Reserva 2012. Pleasing rioja vanilla and fruit aromas with terrific sense of earthiness.



Piquant lamb curry slow cooked to tender and kept warm in ceramic jars. It tasted marvellously with briyani.

Yantra Martabaan ka meat ar at S$45*.


Palatable cottage cheese cooked in garlic flavor spinach. The cottage cheese gives a moist texture and the garlic spinach gives it great enhancement. I love to spread this yummy on my favourite garlic naan.

Yantra Palak Paneer at S$28*.


Aromatic rice bursting and cooked with chicken. My nose starts to eat once the cover is opened. Biryani is another staple Indian food that I love.

Yantra Chicken Biryani at S$40*.


Yantra assorted naan with more than 10 flavours to choose from. And my favourite is garlic naan.


Mashed brinjal wonderfully infused with irresistible smoky flavour and carefully spiced, simulate one’s appetite. However you might not like this if you are not a fan of brinjal.

Yantra Baingan Saraf at S$30*.


Black urad lentils simmered overnight giving mild and earthy flavour. As the taste of black urad lentil is strong, I would recommend to eat with naan or rice.

Yantra Dal Makhani at S$32*.


Fusion tiramisu with coffee flavoured milk dumpling in a cheese cake. Good for the sweet tooth however lacking in coffee fragrance.

Yantra Gulab Jamun Tiramisu at S$19*.



I never guess that I am able to pop an ice cream stick at fine dining restaurant. Here at Yantra, homemade Indian ice cream served on ice cream stick. It stands out with an intense mango flavour, creaminess and being less sweet.

Yantra Malai Kulfi at S$20*.

yantra indian restaurant

Yantra Awards and accolades.

  • Singapore Tatler Best Restaurants 2011 – Exceptional Cuisine & Service
  • Best Restaurant Concept Award (Asian) – Epicurean Star Award Singapore 2011
  • Singapore Tatler Best Restaurants 2012 – Hall of Fame
  • Wine & Dine Singapore’s Top Restaurants 2014 – House of Stars
  • Wine & Dine Singapore’s Top Restaurants 2015 – Wine List Award Bronze Winner
  • Wine & Dine Singapore’s Top Restaurants 2015 – House of Stars
  • Singapore Tatler Best Restaurants 2009 – Exceptional Cuisine & Service
  • Wine & Dine Singapore’s Top Restaurants 2009 – Singapore’s Finest Restaurants
  • The Miele Guide 2009/2010 – One of Asia’s Finest Restaurants
  • Singapore Tatler Best Restaurants 2010 – Exceptional Cuisine & Service
  • Wine & Dine Singapore’s Top Restaurants 2010 – Singapore’s Finest Restaurants

yantra indian restaurant

The dining area at Yantra ooze the elegant and rich vibe. It is faintly lit with dark and dim dividers, and, in accordance with its fine dining idea, outfitted with extravagant seats and white tablecloths.


You might not know that there’s a private and clean washroom conveniently located near the entrance of the restaurant. No longer do we have to search around Tanglin Mall for a washroom.

A great experience having delicious and quality Indian food at Yantra. Don’t miss out savoury good Indian food; Verqui crab, Spiced Minced Chicken Kebabs on Sugar Cane Sticks, Chair Chaat, Chicken Biryani, Martabaan ka meat ar and Garlic Naan. It is perfect with wine pairing from 250 labels.

Note: The items above are for food tasting illustration and actual portion may differ.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go Yantra by Chef Hemant Oberoi
Operating Hours


Daily: 12PM – 3PM


Weekdays: 6.30PM – 10PM
Weekends: 6.30PM – 10.30PM

Address and Contact

163 Tanglin Road Tanglin Mall #01-28/33 Singapore 247933

Contact: +65 6836 3088


Reservation allowed.

Travel and Parking

Parking available at Tanglin Mall.

Travel via public transport.

Exit B;
Walk to the bus stop at Opposite Orchard MRT, Orchard Boulevard.
Board Bus 7, 77, 106, 111, 123, 174 at Opposite Orchard MRT (09022), Orchard Boulevard.
Alight at Opposite Trader’s Hotel, Grange Road, 3 stops later.
Walk 110 metres about 2 minutes to Tanglin Mall.
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Yantra by Chef Hemant Oberoi

Yantra by Chef Hemant Oberoi

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