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Savouring the innovative procedure of exploring different avenues including eastern and western ingredients to convey one of a kind dining experiences by award-winning Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. The hungers of traditionalists and contemporary gourmands with a glittering accumulation of new, refined Cantonese pleases that present new, inventive and surprising elucidations. From traditional dim sum and soups to meats and fish, each dish, curated by Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong is made out of an unpredictable interpretation using premium ingredients and diverse components to shape a compelling perfect work of art.

Quoted from Chef Brian: “My aim is to use the freshest, premium grade ingredients with diverse cooking techniques and influences to present innovative dishes that will evoke memories and a sense of familiarity yet exotic at the same time. Today’s diners are more discerning with preference for Cantonese perennial favourites on some days and fusion epicurean delights on other days. That is why Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is revamping our menu to offer the best of both worlds – an ensemble of evergreen dishes together with modern interpretations.”

wan hao chinese restaurant

Another dim sum creation by award-winning Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong of Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. What you see on the plate; Deep-fried Prawn & Chinese Chives Dumpling with Black Truffle Mayonnaise, Steamed Minced Fish Siew Mai with Avruga Caviar and Pan-fried Spicy Minced Pork Bun. Which is your favourite? My favourite will be Steamed Minced Fish Siew Mai with Avruga Caviar. They are freshly made to order, filled savoury seasoned minced dace, wrapped in fresh wanton skin and topped with smoky avruga caviar. You can expect exceptional standards in aesthetics, taste and execution.

Deep-fried Prawn & Chinese Chives Dumpling with Black Truffle Mayonnaise 金钱韭菜明虾伴黑松露沙律酱 (S$8++ for two pieces)
Steamed Minced Fish Siew Mai with Avruga Caviar 鱼子鲮鱼烧卖 (S$15++ for two pieces)
Pan-fried Spicy Minced Pork Bun 香辣煎包 (S$8++ for two pieces)

P.S: Dim sum is only available for lunch from 1 to 31 August 2017.

wan hao chinese restaurant

Get ready to indulge in exquisite masterpieces.

Chef Brian has turned traditional delicacies into something spectacular! Presenting one of my favourite dishes; Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower Consomme with Lobster & Egg White. The broth comprising of Chinese ham, old fowl, chicken feet, pork loin and conpoy are boiled for six hours. This consomme is a light-tasting, yet very flavourful and savoury soup prepared using premium ingredients including cordyceps, lobster and egg white. The sweet, bite sized lobster meats were cooked perfectly. And the soft egg white simply melts as you take the first divine mouthful with flavourful broth that lingers in your mouth.

Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower Consomme with Lobster & Egg White at S$32++ per person.

wan hao chinese restaurant

The Fresh Milk Stir-broiled Scallop with Mango, Egg White, Shrimp Roe and Broccoli is a contemporary interpretation of the conventional crab meat with egg white. Egg white is not only delicious, it is also a healthy ingredient for a diet. A good balance of sweet and savoury flavours from the scallops and mango sweetness; together with soft and luscious stir-boiled egg white.

Fresh Milk Stir-fried Scallop with Mango, Egg White, Shrimp Roe & Broccoli 香芒玉带炒鲜奶 (Small: S$36++, Medium: S$54++, Large: S$72++)

wan hao chinese restaurant

Firm and thick slices of garoupa fillet and enoki are stir fried with white pepper and presented in a beautiful yam basket. The yam ring is easy to eat and tasted like deep fried bee hoon. White pepper is used and yields garoupa fillet for a piquant and fiery kick instead of the usual black pepper giving a spicy reaction.

Stir-fried Garoupa Fillet & Celery with White Pepper Sauce 石斑片西芹白胡椒酱 (Small: S$42++, Medium: S$63++, Large: S$84++)

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The Western beef short ribs are infused with assorted Chinese spices (star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf, bean sauce and fermented bean curd sauce) and slow cooked for 4 hours. The Chinese spices not only help to cover the beef smell and also add a more distinct flavour to the tender beef.

Braised Beef Short-rib with Chinese Spices 酱香焖 牛肋骨 (Small: S$36++, Medium: S$54++, Large: S$72++).

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Somehow similar to Western lobster bisque, the braised lobster with assorted seafood, fresh mushroom, tomato and deep fried rice gives the sweetness from the seafood with a different texture. The rich, mouth-watering and flavourful broth is painstakingly boiled with the chicken stock base, shells of prawns, whole crab and lobster for 3 hours. It is completed with the chunky lobster meat and deep fried rice of dual textures.

Braised Lobster with Assorted Seafood, Fresh Mushroom, Tomato & Rice 龙虾生滚丝苗 (S$22++ per 100g), and more.

wan hao chinese restaurant

The meal ends with a sweet melody. Refreshing and chilled soft fragrant jelly and mango tango sorbet are made in house. The fresh mango sorbet is made from scratch using mango peel, frozen then ground to produce sorbet. Together with green bean paste glutinous rice ball with osmanthus for the mochi chewy texture and completed with warm and nice floral scented osmanthus soup.

Chilled Chrysanthemum Tea Jelly with Mango Sorbet 香芒雪花伴菊花冻 (S$16++ per portion).

Green Bean Paste Glutinous Rice Ball with Osmanthus 桂花绿豆汤圆 (S$15++ per portion).

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
Operating Hours

Monday to Friday / Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday
Lunch: 12PM to 3PM / 11.30AM to 3PM(Dim Sum is only available for lunch)
Dinner: 6.30PM – 10.30PM

Address and Contact

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
320 Orchard Rd, Level 3, Singapore 238865

Contact: +65 6831 4605

Reservation allowed.

Travel and Parking

Parking available at Singapore Marriott Hotel / Tangs Plaza.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 155 m (about 5 minutes) to Singapore Marriott Hotel / Tangs Plaza.
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