Media Tasting at Swissotel Merchant Court Ellenborough Market Cafe

Spring season is to be much anticipated in the upcoming months with tantalizing specials at Swissotel Merchant Court Ellenborough Market Cafe. Featuring impressive U.S. Prime Ribs of Beef in April 2017; Foie Gras Galore prepared three ways in May 2017; The Amazing Crab Feast with over 10 crab creations in June 2017. The names of the dishes alone would make you forget you are on a diet. The downside is that these are available at dinner buffet only.

Enjoy new menu highlights, alongside wide array of these fresh delicacies including Ayam Buah Keluak, Black Bean Slipper Lobster, Fresh Seafood, Kueh Pie Tee, Penang Laksa Live Station. Not forgetting enticing exhibit of desserts and treats including Durian Pengat and fine French patisseries. From delectable seafood and mouth watering steaks to delicate desserts, Swissotel Merchant Court Ellenborough Market Cafe is a buffet heaven!

In conjunction with Mother’s Day, 13 & 14 May 2017, where mummy gets to enjoy a premium Buddha Jumps Over The Wall delicacy. An extravagant buffet spread of fresh sashimi and seafood on ice, Peranakan signatures and May highlights with foie gras prepared three ways. This elegant and enticing brunch menu is perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day of all ages.


Appreciate the generous kind of U.S. Prime Rib of Beef carved to order. This prime rib has a flavorful crust on the outside and a tender, medium rare center. The flavourful crust that tastes great and helps to seal in the juices. Don’t miss the drippings to create a rich and meaty au jus. I would like to have a slice of U.S. Prime Rib of Beef on baked Yorkshire Pudding, herb roasted potatoes and garden greens. This makes a wonderful dinner before my seafood feast!

Don’t miss U.S. Prime Ribs of Beef in April 2017.



Seriously, I can’t imagine that I will be having Foie Gras at a buffet. Not one, but foie gras in three ways. I’m spoilt! Begin with the appetizing Foie Gras Terrine with Grape Compote, and enjoy the divinely smooth Foie Gras Mousse with Port Wine Jelly, or relish the contrasting textures of the Five Spice Dusted Seared Foie Gras with Mango Relish, Balsamic Reduction. My favourite would be foie gras with smooth, luxurious flavour in the every mouthful. The port wine jelly gives an intense red colour and a delicious flavour to the foie gras mousse.

Don’t miss Foie Gras Galore prepared three ways in May 2017.



Singaporean loves crabs isn’t it! Over 10 enticing crab dishes will be available in the buffet line-up. From Flower Crab to Alaskan Snow Crab to Teochew Cold Crab beckon from the Ice Bar to Thai Style Black Pepper Crab to Salad of Hokkaido Crabmeat with Apple and Walnut and Crabmeat Kueh Pie Tee. We just hope the list of crab dish goes on and on!

Heavenly crab with great freshness and in savoury flavours of Singaporeans favourites. As featured on top; Kam Hiong Crab. Kam Hiong (金香); literally translates to “Golden Fragrance” from the Cantonese dialect. The fragrance is so tempting to stop you from doing anything else. Savoury Kam Hiong sauce to the presence of the curry leaves and many aromatic complements. Expounded in general yet not overpowering, keeping the freshness of the crabs inside. Don’t call me now, I’m busy messing with these fingerliciously Kam Hiong Crab. ‘Cause they are not cracked 🙁 Nevertheless, the reward is well worth the effort.


If you are feeling lazy to crack the hard crab shell, go for soft shell crab. It is crispy on the outer while the meat inside the shell remains briny and sweet.

Otherwise, go for ginger scallion flower crab bee hoon. Definitely an unique treat; full of sweet crab flavour. The bee hoon was well-infused with robust flavours from the broth. Adding ginger scallion seals in the juices and flavour of the crab. On a side track, it is easy to remove all of the crab meat using a fork!



Don’t miss out more seafood-on-ice section. More crab, crayfish(new!), prawns, scallops, mussels to feast on!


I have spotted a new Penang Laksa live station at Swissotel Merchant Court. Besides the shredded mackerel, don’t forget to add laksa flower and sweet shrimp paste to enhance the laksa taste. The comforting yet robust stock was just sumptuous to the last drop.



I would have tried all the flavours if I’m not bloated from the feast! Nevertheless, I’ve managed to try black forest and blood orange cake. Very moist and fluffy sliced cake from Swissotel Merchant Court. It has never failed me yet.


I’m really impressed with the new spread. It’s so good and I almost forgot that this is a buffet. The quality is comparable to most of the speciality seafood, steak or Peranakan restaurant. Read on past Swissotel Merchant Court buffet reviews here!

Don’t forget to mark these dates in your calendar.

Buffet Prices And Details:

  • 3-30 April 2017: U.S. Prime Ribs of Beef at S$68 dinner buffet, available daily.
  • 8-28 May 2017: Foie Gras Galore at S$68 dinner buffet, available daily.
  • 13 & 14 May 2017: Mother’s Day Special Brunch from 12pm to 3.30pm at S$58 per adult and S$29 per child.
  • 5-25 June 2017: The Amazing Crab Feast at S$78 dinner buffet, available daily.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go Ellenborough Market Cafe at Swissotel Merchant Court Merchant Court
Operating Hours

Buffet Lunch:
Daily 12PM – 2.30PM

Buffet Dinner:
Daily 6.30PM – 10PM

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20 Merchant Road Singapore 058281

Contact: 6239 1847/1848


Reservation allowed.

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Parking available at Swissotel Merchant Court.

Travel via public transport.

Exit B;
Walk 138 metres (about 2 minutes) to Swissotel Merchant Court Merchant Court, Singapore.
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