TamJai SamGor Mixian has started the first shop at Sham Shui Po, spreading across 66 outlets over Hong Kong. The brand is awarded with “Bib Gourmand” by the Michelin Guide from 2011 to 2013. Famed for their soup bases with 10 levels of spiciness and a variety of ingredients to pair with your desire comfort bowl.

As it’s our first visit, the menu gets a little confusing. Each bowl of mixian is customisable. Firstly, pick your toppings followed by a soup base. There is a range of soup bases to fit whether or not people like spicy foods from non-spicy charred pepper and spices soup to mala soup base. And also, the spicy level depending on how often one eats spicy food.

Our meal started with century egg in three different sauces like pepper-tipped, mala and Chongqing hot sauce if you’re an adventure for the extra spicy kick. Pitan lovers will be delighted with a molten york in an outer “flower-printed” crystal-like shell.
The crunchy fungus are available in two sauces like Chongqing hot sauce and ma la sauce.
There are sixteen appetizers and snacks to choose from!
One of the Signature appetizers will be Tufei Chicken mid-wings with black sesame. We felt that the wings might be too salty to our tastebud.
If you have noticed, there is only one type of noodles available at TamJai SamGor. The smooth and al dente gluten free mixian is made from flour and water that is gentle to the digestive system.
All the dishes are fully customised to individual preferences.
For spicy food lovers, you got to try the highest level 10 spiciness to satisfy your cravings.
The spiciness is a real kick and not for the faint.
Guo Qiao (S$12.80) comes with 16 toppings: pork, beef, chikcen, fishcake, cuttlefish ball, pork belly, pork liver, beansprouts, beancurd sheet, tofu puffs, chives, bamboo fungus, lettuce, pickled cabbage, minced pork.
It is recommended to add minced pork and homemade pickle to neutralise the spiciness.
The prices are reasonable. The basic mixian with one topping is priced at S$6.50. The portion is quite decent and keeps you full for the day. There are also non-spicy (wu la) soup option for diners who can’t take spicy.

Average spending per pax: S$6.50-S$10
*Prices reflected are nett.
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