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Anticipate a series of classic and inventive Cantonese dishes Cantonese dim sum, roast meats, noodles and congee, wok-fried specialities, as well as home-style dishes at Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen, a casual dining restaurant at Great World City. Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen features the new dishes first at Great World City and will launch progressively at all Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen outlets island-wide by mid-April.


The appetising chilled marinated turnip steeped overnight in a Roselle, sour plum and dried orange peel appetising tantalize our taste buds and increase our appetite.

Chilled marinated turnip with plum at S$5.30.


If you’re worried about your vegetables tasting bitter, it is neutralised by the sweetness of the prawns.

Steamed prawn dumpling with stem chives at S$6.30 (3 pcs).


The deep-fried marinated egg resembling the western scotch egg. The chef laces marinated egg with prawn paste and adds a nice touch of savoury deliciousness. Glad that these deep-fried is not too oily, my lip doesn’t get into a greasy mess.

Deep-fried marinated egg coated with prawn paste at S$5.80.


Crispy yam strips on the top and sweet burst from the mashed pumpkin, how to not like them?

Pan-fried pumpkin and yam cake at S$5.30 (3 pcs).


Tender pork cha siew in sweet BBQ sauce, love it as the flavours of the sauce penetrate into the meat. A crowd favourite pork cha siew with a decent layer of fats. Perfect the meal with fragrant rice options; sinfully delicious pork lardon rice or scallion ginger rice packed with ginger and spring onion fragrance. The fragrance of the scallion ginger lingers even before we started tucking in.

Two combinations roasted meat platter at S$22.80 (+S$3 for Signature pork belly).
Pork lardon rice/ Scallion ginger rice at S$2.80 per person.

crystal-jade-hong-kong-kitchen-05 crystal-jade-hong-kong-kitchen-06


Rich and flavourful, this milky-white broth owes much of the robust flavor to remnants of Yunnan ham and six hours of simmering. It is accompanied with ingredients such as enoki mushrooms, black fungus, bamboo pith, ginger, garlic and wolfberries. The delicate flavour of the ‘Long Hu’ garoupa fillet shines in the robust broth.

Poached ‘Long Hu’ garoupa fillet ‘Yunnan’ ham in thick soup at S$30.80.


Always a fan of homemade tofu and this dish doesn’t disappoint me. Firm tofu deep-fried with stir-fry crunchy fresh prawns and topped with savoury ‘chai poh’, salted radish and dried shrimp developed its full umami flavour.

Crisp-fried homemade organic tofu with preserved vegetables and prawn at S$16.80.


An innocent looking stir-fried vegetable that may even please kids with the addition of homemade prawn paste and fish roe with a nice burst of sweetness.

Sautéed Chinese spinach with prawn paste and fish roe at S$16.80.


Simple, light bowl of smooth porridge, you can simply drink on its own. However, I think the taste can be stronger.

Abalone and shredded kampung chicken with conpoy congee served in claypot at S$28.80 (for 2-3 pax).


Ends off the meal with a bowl of light mango puree with pomelo and sago.

Mango puree at S$6.80 per person.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen
Operating Hours

Monday to Saturday 11AM – 10PM

Sunday & Public Holidays 10AM – 10PM

Address and Contact

1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-127, Singapore 237994

Phone +65 6738 2911

Reservation is allowed.

Travel and Parking

Parking available at Great World City Car Park.

Travel via public transport.

Exit B;
Walk 271  (about 10 minutes) to the bus stop at After Orchard Boulevard, Paterson Road.

Board Bus 5, 16, 175 at After Orchard Boulevard (13199), Paterson Road. Alight at Opposite Great World City, Kim Seng Road, 3 stops later.

Walk 79 m (about 2 minutes) to Great World City.

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