Situated opposite Bedok Camp and in a corner. Bedok Food Centre is better known as Bedok Corner Food Centre. A simple Signage, 麵 meaning noodle. Do not caught by surprise if you see a long queue. And the queue is not moving at all. The uncle takes his time to consistently fry his hokkien mee. Slow and steady. He is never flustered by the queue, and leaves the auntie to handle the order-taking and cashiering. And yes, there is only one dish available in this store. Only Hokkien Mee.
hokkien mee

The uncle has recently increased the minimum price to order at $4. You may also wish to order a large plate of hokkien mee at $5. One plate of hokkien mee consists thin bee hoon and yellow noodles with some prawns, squids and bean sprouts. There are condiments (lime and chilli) that comes with every plate of hokkien mee. I would usually mix all the condiments together before eating. I’m not a chilli lover however this chilli adds flavours to the hokkien mee. It’s not very spicy, still acceptable. I would prefer thin bee hoon for hokkien mee. This plate of hokkien mee is more of wet kind. Foodies who prefer dry hokkien mee might not like this. Every string of bee hoon is absorbed with the superior stock completely. Still feeling hungry after eating? It is so delicious that you feel like having a second plate.

hokkien mee

And indeed Bedok Corner Food Centre has the best fried hokkien mee and the best traditional dessert Cheng Tng (Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng) that you can ever find in Singapore.

Tip 1: Arrive as early at 5pm for dinner to avoid long queue and waiting time.

-We paid for our meal.

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How to go Hokkien Prawn Mee – Bedok Corner
Operating Hours

Tuesday to Sunday:

4pm – 7pm

Closed on Monday

Address and Contact

1 Bedok Road, Stall #29 Bedok Corner Food Centre, Singapore 469572

Travel and Parking

HDB Parking available.

Travel via public transport.

Walk 474 m to the bus stop at The Tanamera Condominium, New Upper Changi Road.

Board Bus 14, 45 at The Tanamera Condominium (84061), New Upper Changi Road. Alight at Bedok Camp 2, Upper East Coast Road, 6 stops later.

Walk 94 m to Bedok Food Centre.

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Hokkien Mee - Bedok Corner

Hokkien Mee - Bedok Corner

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