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Preserving the original Kilo Kitchen at Kallang (opened 2011, closed Sept 2018) with the open-air concept and laidback vibe. I do enjoy the new Kilo Kitchen at Duxton Road (opened Dec 2018) with raw, greenery and floor-to-ceiling windows, feeling relaxed while enjoying our meal. If you’re a fan of taking OOTD, let these greenery backdrop be your inspiration. Kilo Kitchen has taken a modern take from Latin and Asian influences, creating dishes that complement with Southeast Asia’ tropical climates.


If I were to revisit Kilo Kitchen, the first dish that I would order is Grilled Avocado. These low carb grilled avocado are simply addictive! The super soft middle with some crispy buckwheat puffs give a bit of crunch and added texture to your finished avocado. All served with Japanese soy milk skin and flavoured with ponzu and balance to the soy.

Grilled Avocado at S$10.


Breaded and crispy on the outside, molten and creamy on the inside! It is served with homemade basil vinaigrette dipping to balance the creaminess and brininess.

Crab Croquettes (2 for S$8 | 4 for S$15).


It’s hard to go wrong with Kilo’s Seafood Ceviche bursting with healthy ingredients including tuna, octopus, snapper and assorted vegetables. Ingredients were decently fresh and giving a sweet and refreshing aftertaste.

Kilo’s Seafood Ceviche at S$23.


The hearty atas lentils is served with a pasteurized raw egg yolk, manchego, bacon, truffle and ibérico. The ibérico was a bit too salty for my light tastebud and has overpowered truffle one might have expected.

Atas Lentils at S$26.


Each grain of rice is well-coated with the squid ink while remaining moist. Also served with crispy baby squid, ikura and aioli. The baby squid batter was crispy, but the squid was a little chewy. I do enjoy the garlicky sauce and sweet ikura bursting in the mouth with squid ink rice. The flavours in this dish might be too strong for some of you.

Squid Ink Rice at S$29.


If you are the adventurous, love tacos and Mexican food, give beef tongue taco a try! The beef tongue was tender without any gamey taste with refreshing accompaniments including apple miso slaw, jalapeño pesto, garlic tallow.

Beef Tongue Tacos (2 for S$18 | 4 for S$35).


Soft, slightly chewy gnocchi and not overwhelming with the assorted flavours including miso butter and mushrooms.

Ricotta Gnocchi at S$26.


There are loads of the main course at Kilo Kitchen to choose from. My favourite goes to Grilled Whole Rainbow Trout. Mildly sweet flesh with a flaky and tender-firm texture. Tasted similar to salmon but is less oily. Good sides (confit tomatoes, basil & olive oil) complements the flavours of the rainbow trout while boosting the natural sweetness of the meat. Good service is where we don’t have to debone the fish! The bones were deboned nicely, leaving a lump of perfect boneless fish meat.

Grilled Whole Rainbow Trout at S$46.


End the meal with rich chocolate terrine or silky refreshing coconut tembleque. Thin and crisp tuile with rich and smoky salted caramel found in a chocolate terrine. The coconut tembleque was refreshing and has a good balance of sweet and sour with chocolate, pineapple and oats.

Chocolate Terrine/ Coconut Tembleque at S$14 each.


Loved the ambience, friendly service crews and have that warmth that we get with dimmed lightings.

Foodgem’s picks: Grilled Whole Rainbow Trout and Grilled Avocado.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go Kilo Kitchen
Operating Hours

Tuesday to Friday 5:30PM–12AM Midnight

Saturday 6PM–12AM Midnight

Sunday & Monday Closed

Address and Contact

97 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089541

Phone: +65 6467 3987 or 9625 0279 (call after 4PM)


Reservation is allowed.

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Parallel parking available.

Travel via public transport.

Exit H;
Walk 361 m (about 10 minutes) to Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area.
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