We made a recent trip back to Entrepôt at the Robertson House because we heard that they have launched a new menu.  This new menu is crafted by Chef Nixon Low, who drew inspiration from his personal experiences, yet still paying homage to flavours from Dr. Robertson’s household. 

Entrepôt 01
We started off with the Vietnamese Crispy Rice Paper as our appetiser.  A throwback to the bustling trading hub of the Singapore River, this dish reimagines the Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls with a playful twist and where diners can assemble their own. Rice paper is fried and served with vermicelli, prawns and fresh herbs, and topped with peanut sauce.
Entrepôt 02
Another starter that we thought was quite unique was the Drunken Chicken.  Poached chicken roulade and goji berry marmalade is served separately from the drunken chicken liquor. 
Entrepôt 03
The way to savour the dish is to have a bite of the poached chicken roulade, then have a mouthful of the drunken chicken liquor.  It was a little too drunken for us and we would have preferred the herbal flavours to come through a little more. 
Entrepôt 04
The Dr Robertson’s Chai Cured Salmon would be my pick for a starter. We first had this during the Chinese New Year special menu where Entrepôt had their yusheng.  This starter is sure to whet you appetite because of the dragon fruit plum dressing.  I like the addition of candied pecans and granola for some sweetness and crunch. 
Entrepôt 05
Onto the mains, the Aged Vinegar and Malt Sugar Glazed Kurobuta Pork Chop is cooked and fried to a crisp before being glazed with a concoction of vinegar and malt sugar.  Cocoa nibs and crispy pork crackling are scattered on top to complete the dish.  A meatier cut is chosen and served with its bone left in.
Entrepôt 06
The “Itek Sio” Tamarind Braised Cherry Valley Duck came about because of the peranakan roots from Chef Nixon’s maternal family.  Braised duck leg confit and sous vide duck breast are both served so diners get to try different cuts of the duck. 
Entrepôt 07
Entrepôt does its fishes well.  Chef’s Joo Chiat Charcoal Grilled Seasonal Whole Fish stood out for me.  The fish has a smoky flavour and the accompanying Thai chilli sauce complements the fish.  There is a raw papaya and wing bean salad to cut through the heavier flavours. 
Entrepôt 08
We’ll let you in on a little secret dish – Fragrant Steam Coconut Rice with Serundeng.  This has to be pre-ordered because it’s not an item on the official menu.  But you have to order this as it goes well with all the mains.  We thought it was a fairly generous serving but we pretty much wiped in clean with the savoury mains.  So do yourself a favour and pre-order this if you’re heading there.  The rice is so fluffy and the serundeng gives it additional fragrance.

We wrapped up the dinner with the peanut butter and chocolate dessert.  A classic pairing and a must order for peanut butter lovers.  A genoise chocolate sponge is paired with peanut butter chocolate mousse for a creamy sweet treat.  

Budget per person: $35 – 45 per person
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