Set in the Seletar Airport precinct, Botanico has reopened at The Summerhouse with a menu showcasing grilled items and Asian flavours. 

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The restaurant is able to house up to 80 persons, but in our opinion, the best seats have got to be the ones by the window, overlooking the greenery and fairy lights.  The staff introduced us to the restaurant’s concept and its menu, and we found out that some of the herbs and vegetables found on the menu are grown onsite at the restaurant’s edible garden.  It was raining the evening that we dropped by so we didn’t walk around the garden, which we reckon would be quite nice. 
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We started our meal with the Foie Gras Kaya Toast ($12++), Botanico’s take on the classic Singaporean breakfast meal.  The house-made foie gras kaya on the chargrilled brioche is a sweet-savoury complement to the thick slab of butter sandwiched between the buttered toast.  It would be more apt to call it a Foie Gras toast because the foie gras dominates the filling.  I like this toast, but would recommend sharing so you can save some stomach space and to avoid feeling surfeit. 
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The Sakura Papaya Salad ($16++) is another recommended starter with green papaya, sakura shrimps, garden red chilli topped with pistachio and palm sugar fish sauce.  However, we found this dish a little too salty (probably too much fish sauce) and informed the staff of it.  Otherwise, the salad would whet your appetite, with the sourness from the green papaya and the slight heat from the red chilli. 
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Instead, our pick from the cold plates would be the Smoked Shrimp Summer Rolls ($18++).  Smoked tiger prawns, vermicelli, julienned carrots and daikon are wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper with a citrus dressing and topped with ikura.
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Onto the mains, the Sichuan Boiled Fish ($65++) is inspired by Chengdu Grilled Fish.  You can expect a whole seasonal fish and their farm-grown red and yellow capsicum, cucumber, coriander, spring onion and red chilli.  The fish is doused in a mala sauce that is sure to tantalise taste buds.  I am not usually a fan of mala flavours but was encouraged to try it with assurances that it is 微辣 (low spice level).  The spice is manageable and this would make a good sharing dish.  Get the butterfly blue pea pandan rice ($6++) to go with the fish.
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The Wagyu Bun ($45++) is another sharing dish.  Thin slices of wagyu is stir-fried in bulgogi sauce, so wrap them up in fluffy lotus leaf bus together with perilla leaves, onions and pickled daikon.
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The Grilled Fremantle Octopus ($38++) was a tad rubbery, but the accompanying sambal belachan is good.  The sambal isn’t fiery or stinging, but slightly sweet with a little tang. 
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Once we were done with our mains, the desserts we had were deconstructed versions of familiar local desserts.  The Min Jiang Kueh ($18++) features a peanut ice-cream and crispy peanut tuile atop a light and airy corn-flavoured sponge.  It pays homage to the nostalgic peanut pancake that you find at hawker centres.  A little on the sweet side, but rich on the peanut flavours. 
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Alternatively, the Ondeh Ondeh ($16++) is made up of kaya ice-cream, pandan sponge, coconut foam and gula melaka.  

Botanico’s new menu is available for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday, with a different brunch menu available on weekends and public holiday.   If you intend to swing by to check out the place, they also offer garden cocktails to complement the menu often infused with freshly harvested herbs from their own garden.  

Budget per person: $30 – 40 per person
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    +65 8809 5840
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    3 Park Ln, Level 2 The Summerhouse, Singapore 798387
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