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In the first chapter, four-hands lunch and dinner took place on 28-31 March 2019 by Chef Aitor Jeronimo and Chef Oldrich Sahajdak, a culinary journey that embraces more than your palate. Enchanting culinary experiences around the globe like Mugaritz in Spain, The Fat Duck in London and Iggy’s in Singapore, Chef Aitor makes his mark at Basque Kitchen by Aitor, featuring a piece of his legacy in each dish. Together with Chef Oldrich Sahajdak, a partner in Ambiente and his own fine dining restaurant, La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise which has been granted a 1 Michelin star since 2012.


The meal started off with some snacks including anchovy, tartare, oyster and potato pancake.




Followed by Ankimo by Chef Aitor Jeronimo Orive.

Chef Aitor’s rearticulation of Ankimo is a mix of conventional Japanese techniques with a Mediterranean twist by adding Escabetxe, carrot gel, Yarra Valley trout roe which alleviates any fishy smell.


Nicely smoked trout with dill layered on a soft pancake. It’s light and refreshing before the main is served.


This oxtail boba rice was rich and savoury! Every grain of rice is heavily infused with braised oxtail. It is beautifully dressed with confit quail yolk and chive aioli.


The pork neck came out moist, juicy and deliciously tender. I love the sweet savour of the meat with the complements like apple and mustard.


Beef tongue by Chef Oldřich Sahajdák.

We were told to close our eyes before savouring the first mouth. The beef tongue turned out very tender in a vegetable glaze, thyme oil, forest berries with a bursting of forest flavours. It seemed like we were transported to a tropical country full of berries.

A short story behind the inspiration of Beef Tongue:

“Our first beef supplier has a farm surrounded by forests full of blueberries and cranberries during the summer months in Šumava, Southern Bohemia. Once, his fence got destroyed and the bulls and cows escaped. They headed to the nearest bush with berries, and that was the most unique, delicious taste the animals ever had.”


Chocolate in different texture comes from subtleties in the phase transition of the structure in chocolate. It seemed like we were brought back to our comforting hut after a berry harvest.

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Basque Kitchen By Aitor | Collaboration With Chef Oldrich Sahajdak

Basque Kitchen By Aitor | Collaboration With Chef Oldrich Sahajdak

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