Media Tasting at Fattoria Betti

It was such a privilege to have attended an exclusive 4-course wine pairing Italian dinner housed within the classic, homely ambience of Casa Tartufo. This cozy family-run restaurant had furnishing of chandeliers, soft-style lamps and characteristic wooden chairs. Such a touch of distinct sophistication as though guests are being invited to an Italian home.

The dinner itself was hosted by Guido Betti, one of the owners of Fattoria Betti. As the dinner commences with a bread basket filled with a range of rustic bread, he gave a short history on his brand Fattoria Betti.

The cellar was founded at the beginning of 1900 in Montalbano, a small territory in the Tuscany region and the vineyards of Fattoria Betti are grown on clay soil, located 150-200 meters above sea level.

Their wines are the result of a deep passion and pride for their splendid territory and right now, Guido leads both the export as well as the sales in Italy. The aim is to produce a limited number of bottles applying the greatest possible care and constantly improving, year by year.


The first dish was Burrata with rucola, Sicillian tomatoes and pesto, pair with Bianco di Toscana IGT “Creto de Betti” 2018. Could not get enough of the creamy smooth burrata and I love the natural sweetness of the Sicillian tomatoes.

Creto de BettiCreto de Betti (Chardonnay 70%, Trebbiano 30%) is said to pair well with white meats, fish and fresh cheese. The aging is at least six months in tonneaux and then five months in bottles.


The next dish that arrived was the purple potatoes gnocchi with spicy tomato sauce with a touch of cheese. I love how vibrant the dish turned out, with the dark purple hues of the gnocchi contrasting the spicy tomato sauce.

The dish is paired with Chianti Montalbano DOCG 2018  (Sangiovese 90%, Canaiolo and Colorino 10%) which would be superb with vegetable timbales, grilled meat, casseroles and mature pecorino cheese.


As truffle is Casa Tartufo’s specialty, the Char-grilled Ribeye steak with truffle fries and Pommery mustard had shaved truffle on it. Done slightly over medium rare which was fine with me, I love how the truffle added a mild hint of fragrance to the meat itself. The side of truffle fries was pretty addictive I must say.   

The main was paired with Rosso Di Toscana IGT “Semel” 2016 (Merlot 100%) which means ‘’one time’’ in ancient Latin language. This wine was in fact produced by chance. Excellent with stewed meat, game and roast.


Last but not least, the Tiramisu which is a classic Italian dessert paired with Rose di Toscana “Caprone” 2018 (Sangiovese 100%). Lovely creamy texture with coffee soaked sponge layered in between. As Caprone Rosè is superb with meat and fish starters, pasta and white meat, its scent of small red fruits and pomegranate could also be paired with dessert as well.

I probably would still prefer my desserts being paired with sweeter wines though.   

It was interesting to actually understand more about Fattoria Betti wines from Italy. Do check out their webpage at

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