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If you are getting bored of having the same $5 meal from McDonalds. Good news! McDonalds has launched two new varieties; Chili Lime Fish Burger and Chicken BLT Burger. That’s on top of the current EVMs; McDouble, Filet-O-Fish, McChicken and Veggie Crunch Burger. Chili Lime Fish Burger and Chicken BLT Burger will be available from 8 May 2017. Sadly, this is not a permanent add-on to the current S$5 EVMs, available for a limited time only. So, grab yours from 8 May 2017 before it is sold out!


The new Chicken BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) comes with crispy chicken bacon, a slice of tomato, a bed of romaine lettuce, McChicken sauce, and a chicken patty, sandwiched between toasted sesame buns. It’s a steal, sounds like a McChicken with bacon and tomato add-on!


The new Chili Lime Fish Burger comes with a fish filet topped with romaine lettuce and spicy Kaffir Lime flavoured mayo atop half a slice of cheese, sandwiched between tender steamed buns. Sounds like an appetising McDonalds Fish Filet-O-Fish with spicy Kaffir Lime!

Chili Lime Fish Burger and Chicken BLT Burger are served with French Fries (M) and Coca-Cola (S). Just wanna try the burger? Grab these burgers at $3 each.

Feeling sinful about eating fast food? Sharing a tip that I always swap french fries for a corn cup at no extra charge. Alternatively, you may also wish to top up S$1.20 to change their side to a garden side salad for a more balanced option. The garden side salad comes with whole leaf lettuce, red and white cabbage, crunchy carrots, corn kernels and tomatoes, served with a delicious Japanese dressing.

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