Singapore Favourite Food Village [Free Entry]

At Singapore Favourite Food Village, there are over 30 culinary partners in 3 segments. Traditional foods such as nyonya kueh, Modern Singapore Creation such as chilli crab in prata bag and On-the-go such as chicken rice taco bowl. Not forgetting street performances and live cooking demonstrations at Singapore Favourite Food Village event.

Singapore Food Festival

For the love of nyonya foods, I have ordered black and white pork belly top with homemade nyonya and mustard or sambal sauce at S$4. The original plate of pork belly was generously overlay with sauce(s). I have requested to separate the sauces as I would prefer to try the original meat taste before dipping any sauce(s). There is a slight difference between white and braised pork belly. White pork belly is softer and tender in texture while braised pork belly has a more flavourful taste. The homemade nyonya sauce has peanut added for the extra crunch and appetising with mustard. Sambal sauce was light on the chilli, not too spicy, fit for most foodies.

Singapore Food Festival

Food pictures made interesting when there’s natural lighting at Singapore Favourite Food Village that looks like under a light box!

Singapore Food Festival

Singapore Food Festival


Singapore Food Festival

This stall was spotted next to the information counter at Singapore Favourite Food Village. The meats look luscious in a well lit glass window. Crackling pork belly has caught my attention. I have ordered set B that comes with crackling pork belly, honey glazed pork, lemongrass rice and salad at S$19.90. The crispy skin on the crackling pork belly was excellent and well seasoned. The honey glazed pork was chewy and contains a substantial amount of fat. Each has its own merits. The meats had not dried out despite they were left cold on the display. There are 3 sauces available to match with the meats: mustard, apple and chilli sauce. The apple sauce comes with sweet and tiny apple bits and tastes the best with meats in my humble opinion. 1 small tub is definitely not enough for the generous amount of meats. Not the typical plain white rice but lemongrass rice with fragrant leaves taste at every mouthful.

Singapore Food Festival


Singapore Food Festival

Singapore Food Festival

I have to admit, this wasn’t my first choice as I find it pricey. I could easily find a plate of crispy carrot cake at half of the price in hawker centres. However due to my love on salted egg yolk sauce, I have ordered a plate of carrot cake topped with salted egg sauce at S$6. Feeling disappointed as the crispy carrot cake turned soggy after watery salted egg yolk sauce was added. Not everything turns good with salted egg yolk sauce. Moreover, the salted egg yolk sauce was more of creamy than salted taste.

Singapore Food Festival

Singapore Food Festival

More exciting stalls to look out for at Singapore Favourite Food Village.

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Singapore Food Festival
Hoo Kee Rice Dumpling is one of the awardees in Michelin Guide Singapore 2016 Bib Gourmand. The stall that is awarded at Amoy Street Food Centre, Tanjong Pagar. View more on the full list of Michelin Guide Singapore 2016.

Singapore Food Festival

I have visited Singapore Favourite Food Village on a rainy day and the outdoor seats were wet. Thus indoor seats were fully occupied. If you are adventurous for traditional or modernised foods, visit Singapore Favourite Food Village! This event will end on 31 July 2016, Sunday.

Singapore Food Festival 2016
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How to go Singapore Favourite Food Village
Event Date and Time

22 – 31 July 2016: 5PM to 11PM


Address: 585 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188770.

Rochor Event Space, field opposite Raffles Hospital.

Travel and Parking

Parking available at Rochor Event Space and Raffles Hospital.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;

Walk 151 metres to Singapore Favourite Food Village.

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