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My husband and I are planning for a trip to Portugal this year end. I was sharing with him that we should
try Portuguese food in Singapore first. 

We were impressed with TUGA. Upon stepping into TUGA, we were on a full immersion of Portugal and Portuguese wines. Be amazed be with a wide selection of Portuguese wines covering all of 14 wine regions.  
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The appetiser, Pastéis de Bacalhau Codfish Cakes ($5/unit) whets our appetite! It is crispy fried to perfect with flaky cod.
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The bread is served nicely warm and soft with olive oil by the side.
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Ovos Mexidos com Chouriço ($22) is creamy and buttery scrambled egg with finely sliced savoury Chorizo (pork sausage). 
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The main, Bife à Portuguesa made a grand entrance. À Portuguesa” Steak ($72) comes a hefty price tag but the portion is big with generous servings of steak, Iberian ham and topped with a fried egg. The sauce is served on the side. It is good for sharing among 3-4 pax.
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Mousse de Chocolate, Sal, Azeite, Laranja Cristalizada ($10) is a set of dessert with Chocolate Mousse using Chocolate Varhona Guanaja 70% with some sides like Salt, Olive Oil and Candied Orange.
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And, of course not missing the authentic Portuguese egg tart at a Portuguese restaurant. Pastéis de Nata Portuguese Egg Tart ($6) revealed creamy, aromatic custard with a flaky pastry crust.
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