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Along Tanjong Pagar Road flooded with many Korean BBQ restaurants, lies a hidden Austrian gastrobar gem. It is rare to  find an authentic Austrian food in Singapore. Leopold offers Tapas cuisine and is managed by charming 24 year old Austrian Mixologist and Chef Klaus Leopold. Chef Klaus Leopold not only prepares authentic and delicious Austrian foods, he is also a professional Mixologist, discover his famous concoctions like the well known Amber Bowl and P for Passion. Besides service crew serving you, you will also spot Chef Klaus Leopold walking around with his apron, making sure everything is fine.

tanjong pagar food

Absolutely love to have a delightful and delicious cheese platter spread for appetiser. It comes with assortments of ham, cheese grapes, pickles, chorizo, beef salami, tyrolean speck, manchego semi hard cheese, vieux porche goat cheese fourme d’ambert blue cheese, le pere alexandre camembert. A good selection of quality ham and cheese. Writing this article has me craving for ham, cheese and bread!

Leopold Mixed Ham and Cheese Platter.

tanjong pagar food

Juices from Austria; Cranberry and Apple Juice at S$5.50* each.

tanjong pagar food

Pork collar that is marinated with cumin and garlic, served with fermented cabbage that is finely cut. It tasted good as the pork collar that you get from slow roasted is tender and succulent while retaining the natural juice.

Slow-roasted Marinated Pork Collar at S$16*.

tanjong pagar food

tanjong pagar food

Beef is meltingly tender and masked in a rich, deep-flavoured stew. The sauce is so good that if you give me kaiser bread roll or any bread, I can finish a bowl without anything else.

4 hours slow cooked Austrian Beef Stew served with a Kaiser Bread Roll on the side at S$16*.

tanjong pagar food

This may look like a plate of fish & chips but it is a traditional breaded Austrian schnitzel made with pork tenderloin. Pork tenderloin is lean and mildly flavoured, deep fried in butter and served with cranberry jam and a lemon wedge.

Mini Schnitzel (3 pieces) at S$18*.

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Crispy duck leg skin was so crispy that I heard it torn apart as I sliced through. The marination is more intense as compared to previous dishes. It is served with marinated red cabbage, cranberry jam and brown jus.

Crispy duck leg at S$26*.

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Despite cheese spatzle pasta is not one of the recommended dishes, I really love this cheesy taste! These assorted cheese pan seared and mixed with homemade pasta generously and garnished with roasted onions and black pepper.

Cheese Spatzle Pasta at S$15*.

tanjong pagar food

Chewy and sugary dumplings stuffed with apricot, coated with bread crumbs. It is quite filling as a dessert.

Austrian apricot dumplings at S$14* (for 2 pieces).

tanjong pagar food

tanjong pagar food

Layered strudel filled with warm apple bites, option to dip in mildly sweet vanilla sauce. I think the apple strudel is savoury, dipping is optional.

Austrian apple strudel at S$9*.

tanjong pagar food

tanjong pagar food

Leopold Gastrobar Menu

tanjong pagar food

Leopold Gastrobar shop frontage.

tanjong pagar food

Besides selling delicious tapas menu, Leopold Gastrobar has wines from 40 different wine lables from austria, germany, swizerland, luxembourg and solvenia.

tanjong pagar food

Although it is located in central district at Tanjong PagarLeopold Gastrobar offers tasty tapas, cheese selection and snacks at reasonable price. It is recommended after-work relaxation for a drink and snacking at Leopold Gastrobar, be it spending some time for yourself or with friends. I would recommend these 4 dishes; Austrian Beef Stew, Marinated Pork Collar, Cheese Spatzle Pasta and definitely Leopold Mixed Ham and Cheese Platter.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go Leopold Gastrobar
Operating Hours

Daily: 5PM to 12AM Midnight.

Address and Contact

96 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088517

Contact: +65 6534 7644


Travel and Parking

Limited Parallel Parking available.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 292 metres (about 5 minutes) to 96 Tanjong Pagar Road.
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